Our Afrikaans Ministry

FLM Afrikaans Ministry is headed up by Yvonne who wrote saying, Dear Partners, thank you for your ongoing financial support. Thank you for your prayers for the different ministries. When I came to RMI I would not have been able to do my lessons and grow in the Lord and be able to work in the Afrikaans ministry if it was not for the partners obeying the Lord and supporting the ministry.

The Afrikaans is a still a small ministry, but I believe the Lord has big plans!!! It was confirmed to me when the ministry got attacked by the enemy. But I firmly believe that what was meant to harm us, the Lord will use to bless many ladies all over South Africa.

The Lord is really so fantastic!!! When the encourager went over to the website, it would take me a while to be able to open the site every morning and get to the Praise Reports and my Devotionals. Then the Lord showed me a great way to be able to make a shortcut on my phone and it appeared as an app on my home screen!!!
The best about it all is now when I sit at work and wait for a meeting to start or I have to wait for an appointment, the website is just one finger tap away :):):) And me being in another country, I used to receive my encouragers later in the day. Now I can access them when it is convenient for me. It is winter in our country so in the morning I can lie under my warm blankets and read my daily devotionals.

My dearest Lord, not only taking care of all the big things, but I am loved so much by Him that He takes the time to do the little things for me is well:) I have never felt so loved…

Here’s What’s New.

The Lord did a lot of wonderful things this month:) He started out with sending me a very special visitor. Erin’s daughter, Tara, came to visit me for six weeks. She came with me to my workplace for a while and by what only can be called the Lord’s intervention, we were invited to a prayer group where she and I could share a little about the ministry and what the Lord does.afterwards, 2 women asked me for some of Erin’s books 🙂

Then through Erin’s leading, which was, of course, the Lord, we met with one of the ladies in the ministry which was just great!!!

As I spoke of earlier, we met up with one of the ladies of the ministry and I was able to connect her with one of the other ladies in our ministry who has a restored marriage. This encouraged her so much:):):)

Dear Lord, thank You so much for using me the way you are doing. Thank You that I know that all that happened You will work out for good. I pray that You lead me and give the wisdom that comes only from You. I pray that you send women for the SA Ministry and not only for Afrikaans but across all languages. You are wonderful and with You nothing is impossible. I love You with all my heart. Amen.

Dearest Bride, when I joined the ministry, it was never with the intention of helping other women. All I wanted was a restored marriage. When I volunteered to help, it was never in my mind to do any type of ministry. For me, it was just to help out with the administration. I never once imagined that I would be heading up the Afrikaans ministry! I still do not think myself worthy to do it, which is a good thing, because I know that every person reached through the SA ministry is not due to me but the Lord. If He is able to use me in this way, just imagine what He can do if you trust Him to use you 🙂

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