A Joy to Work with the Prayer Team

Prayer TeamPrayer TeamDear Partners, Thank you for your faithful support!Every bit that you send makes a difference in women’s lives. There are many women out there living in pain and stress, distraught over the failure of their marriages. We can help them, and we are already helping many.Your continued support helps us reach out to them, so that they, too, can walk in the LIGHT of the knowledge of their First Love!Praise Reports within your Ministry.

It is a joy to work with the Prayer Team and witness over time women who came in suffering, longing for help, with painful requests, change into joyful women, free of pain, who then write praise reports that I read in the Daily message!

Sometimes a prayer request will come in asking our Heavenly Husband to show them where they can serve Him…where they can GIVE BACK in joy and thanksgiving. One RF member said:”RMIEW has changed everything for me. The way I think, the way I raise my children, the way I love, the way I SG. You helped me better understand my HL and draw closer to Him like never before. RMIEW helped lead me to understand God’s principles for my life, my marriage, my family, and His love for me. I don’t want to think where I would be without the guidance of this ministry. I for certain would not have been able to maintain a friendship with my husband, leading him to return home. Thank you for following God’s heart and will.”
It is a JOY to know that we are helping other women!

Here’s What’s New. This month, we have a new member of the prayer team, just beginning to learn the simple process of signing in to access requests and prayers (which are, of course, privacy protected.) It is a joy to fellowship with other women walking this journey!
Because those who send in prayer requests or MEQ do not yet have a BNN, I have changed the names of the women I reference here….Sometimes prayer requests come in to our site in languages I do not speak, but the name of the woman making the request is always clear, so we are able to pray for her, knowing that our HH knows all. We have prayer teams in other languages, and they check the requests and pray for those women, too.

Often the women are in pain…”Yve” said: “my husband left our marital home after 10 months of marriage saying he wants a divorce. He came back and chased me out of the house. We had a family meeting to inform both our families that he is divorcing me…” “Marsha” said: “We had a very heated argument that ended with him leaving the house. I found out later, he immediately got involved with someone else. It’s been almost two years.” Many more expressed pain, frustration and regrets.

Our Heavenly Love, I am so grateful that these women have found RMIEW! It is a joy to know that they have the opportunity to learn to walk WITH YOU! They can learn to LOVE and have peace and joy in ALL circumstances! Thank you that you sent them here, and thank you for this group of faithful women who serve other women!

I have spoken to many women who do not feel “ready” to help other women. They might feel they do not have the time, or maybe they do not feel like they know enough to help others. Ladies, I believe that it is crucial that we help others! First, we must turn to our Heavenly Love and walk with Him, but the very next thing is to turn away from focusing upon our own troubles–as we have handed them over to HIM! What helps most to NOT pick up our own burdens again is to spend time praying for OTHER women…that they too will learn to lay everything at His feet! Our prayer team is a great way to start! We can use women who can give a few minutes each day to sign in and pray OR someone who would prefer coming in once or twice a week to pray for others.