Hello, my dear! You know I have time wanting to write to you … I am a wife who prays, I will be brief. My husband left in February 2017. NOT FOR ANOTHER WOMAN, I have not seen him, or heard anything … He left because he could not stand me. At first, he was very angry and defensive.  Before I met RESTORED BY GRACE I looked for GOD and the day I started reading the Bible God gave me promises, guided me and I started looking for more. It has been a process like you say!

By the Glory of GOD, HE PUT YOU ON MY WAY and watching the videos of Restored by Grace, I am being restored, I watch the videos and I see how I have evolved and to be honest JESUS IS ALL I WANT IN MY LIFE, TO THE POINT THAT I AM NOT FOCUSED ANY MORE ON MY HUSBAND … I ONLY TELL THE LORD I WANT TO DELIGHT MYSELF IN HIM AND I PRAISE ALL DAY TO THE LORD …Of course, my EH has changed a lot, never stopped providing for us, and being a good father with my daughters …

~ MARCELA  is our RBG Facebook friend

This next praise report is also from RMI’s newly supported Ministry RBG.

GOD has shown me and taught me a lot through you!

– Hello! I hope you are well. I want to tell you that in every one of your videos GOD has shown me and taught me a lot through you, and your testimonies. I am already sharing your Restored by Grace page in MY WhatsApp groups. GOD BLESS YOU.

I paste this Recommendation in my groups:

I want to recommend the Facebook page of Restored by Grace, watch their videos, I did and  I have been grown a lot.  Right there you can find their testimonials of completed restorations. Those videos have been a great blessing for me.  I have watched them more than one time and GOD always shows me something New! ALL FOR THE HONOR AND GLORY OF THE LORD!

Here is just one more from RBG Ministry.

Next two weeks, on Tuesdays we have  RBG Ministry  RESTORED MARRIAGE Testimonies to share!