Hoped Would NOT Happen, Happened!!

So, the one thing I really hoped would not happen, happened…

A while ago my children started calling the OW mommy. The first time I heard it, I felt a coldness go through me that is so difficult to explain. I wanted to say something, but I am sure that the Lord held His hand over my mouth:)

The moment I was alone with my HH, I told Him what I thought of it and as always He led me as only He could. So now the enemy knew this was a sore point for me so at every opportunity I would hear about the other mommy. So one day I told the Lord, “What does it matter, I will not let this upset me.”

So whenever my children would mention the other mommy, I would purposefully say something kind about her. This was not easy and I know it would have been impossible if it was not for the fact that I had my Heavenly Husband with me every step of the way. So much later when my children returned from their dad on a Sunday, my daughter was particularly naughty. And I turned around and asked her: “Were you this naughty at your daddy as well today?” She said “No”, so now I asked her “And why not?” She answered: “Because you are my real mommy.”

LOL, of course, she was in trouble for being cheeky with me, but the Lord just showed me through her words, that it does not matter what the OW is called, I am still my children’s real mommy. The mommy they can just be themselves with and does not need to pretend with.

If I did not give this over to Lord and with His help made the decision not to let to this bother me, He would not have blessed me with those wonderful words from my precious little girl:) He is the best!!!