I was Lost Without Knowing What to Do

Dear partners, I want to thank the partners for their gift of the Abundant Life Course, as always, this course did not disappoint. It reminded me of many of the ideas I learned with RMI 4 years ago. God has yet again, created an atmosphere where I am totally alone. I left my church in a flurry of comments that they could care for me as well. I knew from my first go around that church is not going to fill the emptiness in my soul. I feel the Lord moving in my life as a result of coming back to finish what I began 4 years ago. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

I would recommend this book to everyone who passes through RMI. There are areas of life where we need to let our Lord take over and heal our brokenness. This book is an example of allowing it all to come down, so that our Lord can build it back His way!

I was not in a good place both times I came back to RMI. I was confused and frustrated that I couldn’t seem to speak into my husband’s heart and have him come home. All of those words made it worse both times. I learned from this course to just accept what decisions were being made and go along so the Lord could do His work…instead of me trying to do it for Him.

Thank you, Lord, for guiding me and being so good to me over this period of time since coming back to RMI and humbling myself. It was definitely my Lord who brought me back as I was ready to just divorce again and be done. I was asked by my EH to just file because he is broke again. I know the Lord wants something from me that is yet to come. I love You for saving my life again.

Dear brides, I hope you find the quietness of my soul when it settled at RMI. There is no mistake you are here. I hope my donation will help you to learn and grow as I have. Use this course to go out and tell people not to give up on their personal lives and there IS a God who loves you dearly and wants you to surrender all to Him.

~ Tamar

At all times, may God be praised! May God bless every one who contributes to encouraging all of us so that we may have the privilege of receiving this wonderful truth. From being ministered to, not only did I receive a Restored Marriage. But I am also wise according to the Word of God !!

When I first came here I was lost without knowing what to do; my husband was saying that he did not love me anymore and that he would leave our home. Next, I saw him with OW and that is the day it seemed that my world collapsed because he always told me that he loved me that it was forever. I fell flat on the floor !!

Arriving home, crying, I grabbed my computer and began to look for something to “restore marriages” and that’s when I read the testimony of Erin and that day I read the entire RYM book in 5 hours. I read every book offered on your site because I was so desperate and next I decided to do the course and journal.

Thank the Lord – because clearly, it was You who led me to find this truth offered to me, without money, without hope—at the moment when You heard my cry for help !!

To my dear Father! To my Wonderful, Counselor, my Prince of Peace! My faithful Husband! The One who never fails! Who does not betray! Does not lie! Only gives us joy. Thank you for always being on my side and helping me, comforting me and guiding me. I love you!! I am so thankful you restored my marriage.

Dear bride,

May you have every confidence in why this has happened to you !! Do not be afraid! Trust! For soon your miracle will also arrive! Follow everything taught here, don’t skip over anything. If you do, you will soon submit your testimony too. If you fail and ignore principles, that’s the enemy who wants to steal what He has for you, causing you fear or excuses to stop your restoration. Press through. Just do it. Do it today whatever you know you’ve neglected! Ask Him!! Read my testimony to encourage you Marriage Crisis After We Lost our Son

~ Abril

Merry Christmas!!