Our Prayer Team Ministry

From our RMI Prayer Team.¬†Dear Partners, I am so very blessed! Despite heartache and a huge change in my life, our Heavenly Love has constantly made Himself known to me, and therefore, I have LESS fear than when I had a wealthy earthly husband. I THOUGHT I knew what was important then (God, Family, Love), but I did not realize that I was not relying on HIM ALONE. I relied on my husband and put so much of a burden on him. We both knew of the Lord and we thought we depended upon Him, but we really trusted in our own strength. ūüôĀ

Now, I know better! I trust in Him ALONE, and I know that He is with me at all times, in ALL circumstances. I am beginning to reteach my adult children, and He is giving me opportunities!!

Your support of this ministry allows us to reach out to women in pain and show them, also, that HE IS WITH THEM. They are not alone! We can pray for them, and we can teach them to trust in Him alone, too. THANK YOU for your support!

In our Prayer Team, on most days, and sometimes many times a day, women post prayer requests. The pain they feel, the hurt and feeling lost are palpable. It is also frequently obvious that they are very confused. Many of them thought they were living right, but now their families are falling apart. Some of them know they have sinned and broken up their families and deeply regret it. The most common theme is PAIN and REGRET.

These women ask that someone prays for them. Sometimes, it is a wish for a magical “cure” of their circumstances by others’ prayers. Sometimes it is a correct plea for prayer cover. ALL these women have things to learn, and we are blessed to be able to come alongside them to pray.

We pray mostly that they will fill out a MEQ and begin to take lessons so that they too can learn to walk with our Heavenly Husband. Very often these prayers are answered. It is a JOY to see the name of a prayer requester pop back up on the MEQ list!

Then we are able to pray for persistence in learning.

Thank you for supporting RMI and allowing us to be here for women in need!

Here’s What’s New. *

We have reworked the prayer team focus. We are looking for other women who know their Heavenly Husband to join us in prayer. A few minutes a day to a few hours a week can greatly benefit RMI and the women who seek our assistance.

Because the women who come to the prayer team do not yet have a BNN, I will change their names to protect their privacy. After reading some RMI materials, “Stella” filled out the MEQ saying, “because it was at that point that I realized I had been leaning too much on my own understanding. Not operating in faith, but taking encouragement from what I thought were earthly signs that my husband was interested in starting again. I expected that if he rejected me again, I’d be done. But the opposite happened, I became more willing to put our marriage in God’s hands, realized that nothing I could do alone would change the situation, and became more concerned that my husband would come to know the personal God that I rediscovered on September 1. Despite the pain, I thank God that through this separation, we have been able at least create peace and joy in the home for our two young children …” We prayed for “Stella” and that she will continue in her quest to take lessons, so she will be strengthened to follow HIM!!

Not all come continuing to suffer loss. Some come to pray THANKS, such as recently “Samia” said: “Thank you God for restoring my marriage and giving us a new and pure love for one another. Thank you for your love, grace, and mercy. Thank you for a lifetime of love and spiritual growth together. Thank you for bringing our broken family back together.” We pray in agreement and JOY for her and her family!

Our Heavenly Love,  I am so grateful for the opportunity to pray for others! I can feel their pain, BUT I know You are with them, and You hear me as I pray that they turn to YOU ALONE to heal their hearts and bring them joy in all circumstances. Thank you for leading me to RMI and for the women who walked before me, so that I could follow the path they found that took me to His side!!

Ladies, we have all failed in many ways, and sometimes we do not feel skilled or capable. We have no idea how He can use us to serve Him. We feel like we can barely survive, hanging onto his robe.

I would like to share how important it is to reach out to serve OTHERS. There are many ways that we can help the women who are behind us–even if we ourselves have just begun the journey. There are small tasks that need doing at RMI. There are women who need to be covered in prayer–as does RMI itself! Coming together with like-minded women to support RMI is one of the best ways you can grow in trust and faith in Him! Ask Him to show you where you could serve, or simply let us know that you would be interested in helping in some way!

~ Beverly U. in Iowa  heads up our ♡ Encouraging Women Prayer Team