Restoration Fellowship’s Prayer Team “After a Few Lessons—A New Person!”

The Prayer Team headed up by Beverly began by thanking our partners.

Dear Partners,  Thank you for your faithfulness! Your gifts make a huge difference in this world for the women who come to RMIEW for help. You enable us to respond and guide them to their Heavenly Husband, where they will find PEACE and comfort and JOY!

Praise Reports within my Prayer Team Ministry

We on the Prayer Team tend to receive requests from women at their lowest points. Sometimes it is hard to read their messages, but it is also a reminder of how far those of us who have found our Heavenly Love has come! We take the requests and concerns to our Heavenly Love, and we know that He is there.

If you spend a little time on the Prayer Team, you are often blessed by reading a Praise Report from a name you recognize–a woman who only expressed pain and hurt, but now she has found her Heavenly Husband and everything has changed.

Women without hope find hope when they turn to Him!

We are looking for other Prayer Partners who would like to pray for hurting women. Check out the new website Prayer Team and consider joining. Our members can come in once/ week or daily. It is easy to read what is new, then simply pray that each woman finds her Heavenly Husband and learns to trust Him ALONE.

We would love to have you join us!

“Charlotte” asked for prayer, and the PAIN she felt was raw and obvious. We prayed that she would fill out an MEQ and begin courses. Just a few days later, we saw that Charlotte had completed the MEQ. She is doing courses, and she has written a praise report. The tone of the PR sounds already–just a few lessons in–like a new person.

It is amazing to watch this happen, and it is all possible because of your support.Now we’d like to give you an opportunity to Thank the Lord—because it was really Him who called and anointed you for this ministry. To open your heart and ears to women who are crying to God for help and who were led to find support and His LOVE. * Thank You, my Heavenly Peace!

It is a joy to know that You are always with me–right by my side. It is a joy to serve on the Prayer Team, for speaking to You is a joy and I am constantly reminded of the difference made by knowing You!Next, please use this space to write a note to the woman who may also feel called to minister. A woman who may feel unworthy or incapable. Let her know that it’s just making herself available. * Our Lord has a place for you to serve. Consider the Prayer Team .as the first place He can use you to change lives! It is a great place to serve Him while helping other women.

~ Beverly U. in Iowa