RMI’s Marriage Evaluation Team “I Have been Remade, Renewed and Restored!”

This praise report if from who Cierra heads up our Marriage Evaluation Team and also RRR ministering with what she experienced before, during and after her amazing Restoration!

Dear Partners, Your boundless generosity has been such a blessing to the many women at RMI who are looking for help, hope, and love. Your generous gift allows us to offer FREE resources that provided unparalleled and unadulterated truths which allow them to establish or renew the relationships with our Beloved who consistently demonstrates His power to perform the impossible in our lives!

Praise Reports within Cierra’s Ministry

The Marriage Evaluation Team serves as the first line of hope for many of the ladies that are searching for answers to that stinging question of “why.” They are hurt, broken, confused, and frustrated, but we are able to provide comfort and encouragement so that they can release everything to that is weighing them down and relentlessly pursue the peace and love that only our Beloved can provide.

Our dear Katie recently experienced this freedom and shared “I have seen that when I let go and give it ALL to God, then things begin to happen. Those things happen in me! It is the inside of me that has changed; I am different from when I started this journey. I have been remade, renewed and restored to my HH. I am the bride and I have a bride attitude—giddy with love for my Bridegroom! Excited for what the future will bring and look forward to facing each new day with hope.”

How wonderful it is to see the growth and peace that women experience as their Restoration Journey brings them closer to Him! 🙂

Here’s What’s New

We are prayerfully and faithfully anticipating the establishment of our Turkish FLM, so that we can continue to spread His message of hope, love, and peace. Our dear Sara, whom our Beloved is grooming to establish and expand our Turkish ministry, was experiencing frustration and despair as she felt as if her situation was not changing or turning around for the better. She shared with us saying….
“The thing is, I am tired of waiting without doing nothing. I cannot run, because I am afraid, or because my situation remains the same, or even more difficult. ”

We were able to encourage Sara by reminding her that His word teaches us “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God” 1 Thessalonians 5:18. Because gratitude is a powerful anecdote for discouragement!

My Beloved,
I am so grateful for the opportunity that you have given me to sow and invest into the ministry that encouraged and facilitated my relationship with You. The Journey that you chose for me is now being used as a testimony to encourage the women that you send to us that demonstrates your continued ability to perform the impossible in every area of our lives! Thank you for being my love, my hope, my peace, and most importantly my joy!

The greatest lesson that I have learned through traveling this narrow road with my Beloved, is that He doesn’t call the qualified, but rather qualifies the called. This means that He can and will use the very things that make you feel unworthy or incapable as a platform to demonstrate that He can do amazing things through those who surrender completely to Him!

You’ll read in an upcoming Restored Marriage Testimony how GOD is who will call, then build your ministry once you simply say, Here I am, Use me!

He, put “a fervent desire in my heart to share HIS love with other women, was how Restored By Grace began, and using the tools of the ministry ayudamatrimonial.com, and adding the remarkable things that He was doing in me and through me … To GOD BE THE GLORY; He returned my husband home!

If He’s done things in your life, and you don’t yet have that fervent desire in my heart to share HIS love with other women then ask Him for it. Then use the resources here, just as Veronica does, and simply add “the remarkable things that He was doing in you. Or, you may be called to help take over an existing ministry like He did with me.

The question is: Do you have enough faith to fill out our Minister Application to commit to HIM your desire to be used by Him! As Esther 4:14 says, as His bride, “And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?”