RMI’s Spanish Ministry Praise while “Sleeping in the Corner of a Bathroom in a Commercial Building!

This is from our SPANISH Ministry headed up by Lota

Dear Partners,
I have a very special message today that I want to share from one of our Spanish members that has truly touched my heart. Tamar has been such a blessing to know and work with. Your support is so appreciated especially when we see how it has helped someone like Tamar in all areas of her life. So I say a simple thank you to you all for helping this and many in an extraordinary way!!! Praise Reports within your Ministry.

I asked Tamar (BNN) to share her heart with all of you and here is what she wrote:

To open my eyes every day and look at the sky is my greatest testimony …The most beautiful, the most precious, the most wonderful Oh! is to feel the peace that surpasses all understanding, is to feel this peace, this joy oh yes! and know that I do not need anything else, that with my beloved Jesus I have everything I need. There are no words to describe what I feel for Him, and to look for the best way to thank Him that with an eternal love He loves me and supports me with so much mercy.

After feeling so cruel and real my END, being able to feel so much happiness for me is the biggest explanation I can give. This is incredible.

I do not need to say, I was in the street now I have a house, I do not need to say I was unemployed and now I have a job, I do not need to say I was sick now I’m healthy, in my particular case I do not need to say any of that to tell a testimony, all that is something evident, but my case is for joy, I JUST NEED TO SAY I WAS DROWNING IN SADNESS AND TODAY I JUMP FOR JOY.

Here’s What’s New in Our Ministry

Just today Tamar applied to attend our annual Nicaragua Retreat! BTW, It’s not too late to come.
In addition, prior to signing up, Tamar also shared how the Lord has been using her to help other women:

I am dedicated to prayer in the RMIEW Prayer Group in Spanish (group with Ziva from Lima Peru and Paola from the Dominican Republic). I visit women in the process of divorce and direct them to the page using Hope Cards. The women I encounter, I only address them to the website so that they can be taught directly by God through RMI because I believe that there is the basis and well-explained principles for restoration.

Tamar shares how RMI has helped her and where she was when she first found our ministry:
Oh yeah! What a beautiful opportunity …. this part I love and it makes me laugh of joy to be able to share when I found RMI. I was literally destroyed, so much emotionally, economically, without work, without money, without food, light or gas, haha haha WITHOUT nothing really believe me with nothing and the worst almost hopeless … and I think I wrote faster than ever on the computer and I feel like laughing because it’s incredible as I wrote faster and faster looking for phrases that would take me to a solution, I thought that by writing fast I would have the answer FAST, but what I did find immediately was hope to the road of truth that would give me LIFE again, RMI! After reading the book, How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage, and also books of going through

After reading the book, How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage, and also books of going through a divorce, I have not been the same again. I WANT to scream to all the women that I am so happy and believe that I have found the LOVE that changed my life and has not made me shed a tear, even though it seems ironic I do not need anything to be happy because with my beloved Jesus I have everything I need.

Here is Tamar’s love letter to her HH:
My Beloved, you know how much I love you. Only you can feel my immediate attention every time you call me telling me sister, friend, perfectly mine, you are so precious to me. Every day I try not to dirty my feet or go back to dressing as before or cover myself with filth, You move my heart, and I want to be always by Your side, ready whenever You call me, here I am always ready, attentive to Your voice, always attentive to Your voice. I do not know what I would do if I were to look and not find You, I will faint without You, I can not live without You, there is no other like You, my Beloved, only You are beautiful, pure, clean. I know I’m love sick for You, You’re so perfect that you keep a smile on my face all day and all my environment is contagious with joy. Thank you for saving me and getting rid of sadness and for so much love and joy I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU

and I Thank you for saving me and getting rid of sadness and for so much love and joy I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU, and I am love sick for you.

When I read what Tamar shared about encouraging women who feel called to minister, I was in shock, but what an encouraging and empowering message to truly glorify our Love, Jesus!:

There is a somewhat chilling but real, a very real place and if I had the opportunity to go to that place described in the word and walk through a path of the lake that burns with fire and ash described in Revelation, I am sure I would have no words to describe to people what I would come to see or feel to be even close to that place described by my beloved God. (Revelation 21: 8) For me, that is more than enough reason to speak to women about the beautiful and wonderful gift that God has given us through our Lord and Savior Jesus. If that was not reason enough, in my particular case, I would not do it so that my beloved Jesus can give me something or take from me, since I have learned to be content whatever my situation, and I do not say this because I have need or because there is a shortage, for I have learned to be content, whatever my situation may be, I know how to live humbly, and I know how to have abundance; in everything and for everything I am taught to be satisfied in hunger, so to have abundance or as to suffer need, and indeed it has been a great joy to be able to live the phrase most used “I can do all things in Christ that strengthens me” It is worth feeling this peace that truly surpasses all understanding, and for me it is more than sufficient reason to share with other women about HIM so there can be a hope amidst the pain and destruction in which they now feel. I LIVE it and it is real.

To stay in the street, to sleep hidden in a bathroom of a commercial building, without a job, with a husband who asks for the house to put another woman in it, with children and have no idea where to take them, housing one here and another there, without knowing where they went to sleep, without a dollar, in a foreign country, without a mom, dad or family, or simply paralyzed without a hug, just to look at the sky and say I do not understand what is happening Father, but thank You. I know that something was bad and I am so sorry. It hurts but thank You for extending my arms to the sky falling to the ground crying and sleeping in the corner of a bathroom, walking and crying and crying and all would say is, I do not understand, it hurts but thank you and exclaim THIS IS MY END. Then in a week, EVERYTHING CHANGED in a radical way for good —THAT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH REASON to share with other women that YES all is possible… that as we are willing to cry for a man who is capable of betraying us, leaving us with nothing, to make us suffer, to deny their love, their time and yet we are willing to return with them, we are still willing to keep silent and continue to endure humiliation and above all to tell our friends and acquaintances that he is the best man in the world without being so, HOW to speak to the other women of the MAN who is not a man but LOVE. Who has given EVERYTHING for us, that he has given His life because of His love for us.

For me that is more than enough reason to shout to the world that I have a TRUE LOVE that thank God for RMI because here I found the LOVE that changed my life forever. Do you know something? At this moment I still do not know where my children are. I know that everything has its time and I am just starting this process because suddenly everything can change again. My husband is not by my side, I have no home, since my husband asked me to leave, I sleep in the office, obviously I do not have a bed, I sleep on the floor with a blanket that I pick up and put away every day, BUT YOU KNOW SOMETHING, although it seems incredible, I AM HAPPY, and it’s so true, I AM HAPPY. I do not stop being surprised myself. It’s actually something unexplainable that is why it surpasses ALL understanding, because there is no human mind that can understand that I AM Happy. Because with my beloved Jesus I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED. This does not mean that He wants me to be in misery, on the contrary, I want Him to see that even in the middle of having nothing, my heart belongs to Him. I am not with Him for interest in getting something, but to show Him my unconditional love. It is worth sharing with other women the love of our HH. I LOVE HIM. He deserves us to SERVE him to save other women from sorrow and what we do not know or how to say or do, God will speak through us guiding us. Be Encouraged!

Say with me, “Here I am! Send me!!”

~ Tamar in Mexico

I’m sure you’re as blessed as we are to read the heart of this amazing woman, and already He HAS heard her cry to SEND her. We have a sponsor who wants to pay for her flight to the Nicaragua Retreat in December!!


Tamar lived in the city of Mexico where the devastating earthquake took place. So far Lota has not been able to reach her and has asked for prayer.