🌱HGM: Our Books!!!

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Hello ladies, we are encouraging families!!🤩 This past we have been working on organizing our site to make it simpler and also to display our books!!! 💻

Yes, we have three books available for girls and three for boys!!!
The series Wise Woman 4 His Princess 👸 and the Wise Men 4 His Prince 🤴 are now display on the menu, each one with its chapters and promises.

Check this post for more info:

A Tour of our Books!!

And also enjoy this praise report from our sweet Ariele and learn how our Beloved is plating seeds through the books!! 🌱🌱🌱

Planting Seeds!!


Encouraging Women!!

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8 thoughts on “🌱HGM: Our Books!!!”

  1. This is so great to start preparing the new generations walk with their Heavenly Father. I left you a comment in the ESP Blog about one brides request for the Thankful therapy and following his lead, I shared that this could be a topic for one of our ESP weekly podcast, talking about the importance for moms/aunties to share His word and how to create this special relationship from a very early age through all these resources that are available in different languages.

    1. Thank so much my dear!! I already answer!! And yes we are really excited that the Lord is leading our children to Him!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Isabella!! I’m reading one of the books for my son we are on chapter 4 the Closer than a Brother!!

    1. Please share a praise!!!! maybe He would like to share what He thinks of the book, that will be amazing!!!!!

  3. This is exactly what I could see in the future, and now it’s happening!! It’s not just offering the resources, but it’s the testimonies from each of you about how/who you’re using them with. Some of these, Isabella, I would encourage you to reply to asking them to comment on the book page itself – – – acting as a REVIEW. 💝💝💝
    Of course, this is not just for HGM but also for you, Atarah on your HOPE website, Adina on your LOVE, website, etc. etc. etc.

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