Online Dating Sites I was Hoping to Fill the Void

His peace to all His beloved brides!

My heart is filled with praise and gratitude to God for each of your lives, which have allowed these courses to be given to me and all the encouragement I get from reading the praise reports. May the Lord greatly multiply His love in your life! May our HH grant each of the desire of your hearts!!!

When I found the RMI was already separated, for about a year, with a nasty divorce in progress. I arrived without hope and actually without even a hint of desire for restoration. I thought I was just going to move onto a second marriage and I was looking for the right man, enrolling in online dating sites, hoping to find someone to fill the huge void I felt.

Thank You, Lord, I praise You for using the RMI and the lives of two sisters who invited and ministered to me until I surrendered, opening my heart to your plan for my life. Through this ministry, my eyes were opened, and although I was already a mature Christian, I did not know the Lord as I know it now—as my HH. The Lord drew me to Himself, and without question, this was the best thing that ever happened to me!!!

Beloved ones, brides of His, this ministry is a fertile land that gives me incredible pleasure to sow into because it is the not just marriages, it is the restoration of lives! As you who started this journey and have walked on this journey of restoration before coming here. I contribute to this lifesaving chain that seeks to invest in lives of broken women. Now since coming, sowing through my tithes, I have become a wise woman and it is my mission to encourage others to come and learn and feast on your resources.

It was no accident that this knowledge of RMI came to you. Persevere in fulfilling all that you learn in the courses and in the books, and soon you too will see your marriage and family restored. Keep the faith that the Lord will honor you!

Know that the good work that the Lord began in your life will complete. Philippians 1: 6
Just be faithful, keep your faith and persevere in fulfilling all that the Lord determines. Joshua 1: 8

~ Evie

I was very Proud and Angry. So I Left