A Belief that my Life was Perfect

Dear Brides it is so strange now that I am divorced, how many more people share their problems with me. In the past, I believe there was a belief that my life was “perfect”–husband and children and plenty of money–and that made people NOT share their troubles. Now that they know I have suffered rejection and humiliation, they feel freer to share their troubles. Even people I do not know that I encounter (my patients at the clinic, people in line at a store, etc.) are strangely comforted when I say, “When my husband left me, I thought I would die, but then I found a way that has healed me and given me peace…” He will use the worst of things to bless many!

It is very easy to fool yourself into believing that you follow the spiritual laws presented in the Bible. The world around us is fallen, and there is example after example of blatant evil, so if we have good intentions and long to follow our Heavenly Father, we often think that we ARE…after all “most of the time” we are loving and kind. People know they can count on us.

Outside of my home, I know people thought I was a reliable person, so. I was always being called upon to help others and to get things done. I spoke kindly to strangers and was the nurse to whom everyone handed off the difficult patients. I was calm and careful with what I said.

Oh, but when I was at home and relaxed…that is where I said WHATEVER came to mind. I think my attitude was that my husband had PROMISED to love me and be with me, so he needed to “deal with it,” and I was not careful with my opinions or with the sharpness of my tongue. 🙁 All the restraint I used outside of the home was unleashed at home. I would have justified that I never called names or used foul language, but I did use sarcasm and pointed out every mistake. 🙁

James 3: 9-12 Out of the same mouth we pour out words of praise one minute and curses the next. ..”

Nor was I following the spiritual law of respecting my husband when I was married. Ridiculously, he was constantly pointing that out, but I did not listen. I believed WRONGLY that he needed to earn my respect, so I would disrespectfully point out his flaws. Humbleness and asking my Heavenly Love to point out my flaws…to change my heart and mind so that I desired what He desires and acted in His way…that is the only way to live–leaning on His Word and waiting for Him to guide us!!

I tend to pray very simply now: Change my heart and mind my Love! Continuing to seek HIS Word and HIS way in my life. It can break us when we realize how we have failed, but we must remember that He is a Love of FORGIVENESS, we need only turn TO HIM, and He WILL forgive and restore!

Can you relate to what I’ve shared? Then please pray with me:  My Heavenly Love, you are AWESOME and patient and kind. Change my heart and my mind, so that I long to do what You desire. Tame any sharpness within me and lead me in Your way.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you…

But if we turn back to Him He forgives!

~ Beverly

Prayer Team