A Gentleman and a Man of Attentive Value

♕ Today's Promise: “From afar the Lord appeared to her, saying: 'With everlasting love I have loved her; so, with kindness, I attracted her.'" Jeremiah 31: 3

From ~ Paula in Brazil

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My earthly husband said he was going to call a painter to make our house more tidy for the parties. I was glad, because our apartment really needed a good painting. Unfortunately, the painter was not available and came to do the painting only after the beginning of the year. All the while, earthly husband insisted on saying that the paints would be leftovers and that there was no money for anything different. He works with renovations, so there were some paints available and I agreed with everything smiling, I just thanked my Beloved, because painting the house was a wish that I had only spoken to Him, the Love of my life! And at the appointed time everything was taking place!

Our apartment was painted with the paints and the way the earthly husband guided the painter, I didn't suggest anything, I let the earthly husband take the lead and he even chose a different color to paint one of the walls and it was very beautiful 🙂 What a principle "Winning without words" is wonderful! I think it is one of my favorites! How many times have I been able to reap the rewards of applying it in my life 🙂

After the painting, all the materials were left in my service area and the painter told me that the earthly husband would provide the removal. Time passed and the material was still there - while I talked to my sister about this principle, I gave this example to her, showing how my area was and how it bothered me, but I knew I didn't have to ask earthly husband to remove it from there, because I had already asked my Heavenly Husband and I was sure that He would talk about it with my husband.

My sister looked at me a little astonished and admired by my attitude, but said after all it was just not right and after all, why wouldn't I talk to my husband about it? So I was able to tell her that yes, I knew that I could speak, but that I would rather win without words 🙂 and that as I had changed my way of thinking about various things, after the crisis I went through in my marriage and that I learned and have chosen to live that way now, expecting everything from my Heavenly Husband.

I kept telling her that now I didn't spend any more time talking or asking the earthly husband for things - I knew that he might not pay due attention or he could be contrary to my wishes and that would make me sad and frustrated! Therefore, I always seek to ask and not only ask, but to talk about anything and everything with my Heavenly Husband and that if He wanted to make something happen through my earthly husband, He would do it, as he has done so many times in my life!

A few weeks passed and I was not even so bothered with the painting material in my area anymore and "coincidentally", my sister was there at home when I received a message from earthly husband saying that I would send someone to pick up the material, then the intercom rang and my sister was the one who answered and said she was someone to look for the material \ o / I needed to remind her of our conversation and she was amazed and said it's really true!

I thanked my Beloved for showing us His faithfulness again and especially for using this situation so that my sister could see how faithful He is and how wonderful it is to have Him in our lives as a gentleman and a man of attentive value and constant in his feelings for us, an infinite and wonderful love!!!

I hope that this situation may have encouraged my sister, just as I wish I could encourage her too! Remember that there is Someone, a Gentleman attentive to listening to everything you have to say, He wants to hear you and also wants to speak, sweet and soft words so that you know how precious you are to Him, so dear friend, no waste your words with those who don't want to hear them, run to Him and experience His love!

“Because since the world began to exist, no one has ever seen or heard a God like ours, who does such things for those who wait for Him!” Isaiah 64: 4

“From afar the Lord appeared to her, saying: “With everlasting love I have loved her; so, with kindness, I attracted her. Jeremiah 31: 3”

Paula is our Portuguese Ministry Pastor and Branch Director, for Português Team
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