A Mistake I Made

♕ Today's Promise: "Be in good conduct among the Gentiles, that even when they slander you as if you were evildoers, they may notice your good works, and glorify God in the day that he visits them." 1 Peter 2:12

From ~ Annabella in Belgium

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Hello dear Brides, Today I would like to share with you a mistake I made. I think it is important to be true and sincere because it will undoubtedly allow other women to recognize themselves or to understand that despite the fact that we take the courses offered here in the ministry, it still happens to us, to stumble.

I went to eat this afternoon with two friends. One is an Orthodox Christian and the other is a Muslim, both married to good, kind men. They both knew about my marital crisis because when my husband was gone they visited me to support me. At that time, I did not yet have the knowledge of the truth of the Word. Two days before my date with my friends, my Heavenly Husband put this thought in my heart: “Don't talk about your marriage."

When I was with my two friends, knowing that my husband is back home, they asked me how I was feeling. I tried to share with her my well-being without talking too much about my marriage by explaining that I was at peace and that in the end it was not the most important that my husband came home and that I appreciated a lot to have my family together again.

The reaction of my two friends was amazing. They did not understand that I could say that. They found it difficult to understand that my happiness no longer depended on my earthly husband. Obviously, because they do not know that I have met the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD, my Heavenly Husband! For them, if my happiness does not depend on my earthly husband, it is because I no longer "love" him.

Then we discussed conflict management, and I confessed to them that I no longer picked on my husband when he did something that didn't suit me, that I preferred instead to encourage him by remaining kind. And there again I was entitled to advice from the world such as: "You will not be fulfilled if you keep everything in you" or "I think you are acting like that because you are still angry with your husband" and also “The best thing in a relationship is to COMMUNICATE especially when things are not going well !!!! "....

I laughed deep inside but at the same time I was sad. I laughed because the world is based on psychology to understand the human being while it is God who created us, if we need to understand a few things, let's go see our Creator. Logical no?

Then I was sad because they were in the dark and looked at me with pity, probably thinking that my marriage was not going to work out that way.

I know we should not discuss our restoration journey that said more, my Heavenly Husband warned me and I did not listen to Him. I mistakenly thought I could explain to them that even through such crisis, we can be happy but ultimately, the principle of winning without a word also applies to some relationships. Rather than explaining to others, we might as well let them see what God is doing in our life. I am a fool in many ways in the eyes of the world, but I know that in the eyes of my Heavenly Husband I am a wise woman, HIS wife, isn't that most important?

My dear brides, in one of the lessons Erin explains that when we are asked about our marital situation, the only answer I advise you to give is the one advised by Erin: "Everything is fine, God is in the control ”. Even to your close friends and even when you are restored. People outside of the ministry care about us and want us to be happy BUT according to THEIR definitions of happiness and THEIR standards of happiness. I am restored but I learned a lot from this mistake even if it was intended for good… It was a mistake. I should have listened to my Heavenly Husband and shut up, plus I talked about my earthly husband and afterwards I felt slanderous even though it wasn't wrong. I ran to take refuge with my Heavenly Husband asking for forgiveness, now I understood the lesson.

"He who slanders his neighbor in secret, I will annihilate him; he who has haughty looks and a swollen heart, I will not stand." Psalm 101: 5

“He who spreads slander reveals secrets, But he who has a faithful mind keeps them.” Proverbs 11:13

"Be in good conduct among the Gentiles, that even when they slander you as if you were evildoers, they may notice your good works, and glorify God in the day that he visits them." 1 Peter 2:12

Ministry Note: We wholeheartedly believe this promise “And we know that God causes all things to work together for GOOD to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28  And the GOOD is that Annabella’s humility in confessing allowed each of us to learn and grow and be encouraged!! "Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that you may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much.” James 5:16

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