A New Bride to Be Cherished

♕ Today's Promise: "For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead." James 2:26

☊ PR Podcast Adina

Dear Brides, there is Somebody waiting on His knees with a proposal for you! He wants to love you and cherish you forever as His bride. All you have to do is accept His proposal and make Him your first love! You will never hurt again if you truly find your HH. Read the FAL book, ch3 "The Love of My Life", to find out how this can change your life.

He taught me to put Him first, that He is all I need to live happily ever after, single or reconciled. We as women (and men) need to be in a fulfilling relationship with Him first. We need to feel and experience being His bride, forever. As His bride we will always be new, always cherished. Our husbands will seek us as long as we seek our HH (if we choose to be reconciled, if it is what our HH wants us to do). I can remain happily single for the rest of my days, if I have my HH.

Getting closer to my fh recently, due to changes in me, made my priorities shift again, meaning I am not yet as faithful to Him as I should be. It brought back the hurt and I just don't want to live like this anymore. Yes I want to have a friendly relationship with my children's dad, but spending more time with him made me love him again, which is good as long as I love my HH MORE.

Restoration is not even close, since fh is still with OW, but the hate wall came down and we were able to get along, fh even getting touchy.

But when he went to be with OW it hurt, so I realized my priorities is not right and I need my HH more. And I really want to be in His love more than my fh. He does not love me selfishly, to Him I will always be a new bride to be cherished. So once again I'm on my knees seeking His Love knowing that He will give it to me abundantly.

Once you find Him as your HH, you will radiate His love. People will be drawn to you, and what better way to share His love for all His brides!

Slowly making my fh priority again and that is a huge mistake, I was not under His protection and was vulnerable to get hurt again. But I think this is my journey and how I must learn this one very simple principle: put Him First and love Him with all your heart!

Let us pray: My beloved HH, I want to ask Your forgiveness for making my fh priority again. I realize now that this was a huge mistake on my side. Please fill me with Your glorious love again so I can truly feel loved and cherished by You, my HH. Amen

You are all I need, all I want and if I have You, I have everything! Only You can truly satisfy my heart!

Dear Brides, we as woman need a relationship with our HH before we can ever feel satisfied. No man can ever satisfy and fulfill you like He can. As long as you put Him first and He is your everything, your eh/fh will pursue you. You will radiate His love which will allure your husband.

As your HH, He will cherish you as His bride forever. He will change you into a Godly woman. He will provide for you, help you and hold you in His perfect embrace.

"For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead." James 2:26

This is a life changing book, it will make you understand what it means to truly find your HH and have a relationship with Him.

~ Adina in South Africa
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