A Taker Not a Giver

Dear Beloved brides! I want to start this praise report asking for forgiveness from the Lord and from everyone at RMI, for I have been feeding on your truths you offer, I’m encouraged daily and have been taught by this Ministry for some time now, but yet I have not sent any praises until this moment.

So, during this journey, the blessings of God in my life have been great, beyond imagination, so many that if it were to describe it would take several pages. But I will describe a recent one. Already a few months ago I let go of my church and with that, I began to tithe here. (I have been unemployed for some time, but tithed on my unemployment check, so that I had enough for me and my young daughter). However, as of last month, I realized that shortly after I paid my tithe, a shortage in finances happened, which never occurred before. So as I was taught here, I went to my Heavenly Husband and began to ask Him why, because I had been faithful in my tithes, even though the amount is very little.

Well, to my surprise when I went to the lesson for this morning, it was talking about robbing God, not only in tithing but also in not giving praise to Him for all that He has done for us, whether small in our eyes or not … I understood how much of a taker I was, but not a giver. Always coming to take away praise, but never giving back!

Lord, thank You for Your immense love and kindness with me, I will give you my praise, large or small.

“Bless the Lord my soul, do not forget any of His blessings, He is the one who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases” Psalm 103 – 2: 3

“The Lord says,” For this people draw near to me, and with their mouth, and with their lips do honor me, but their heart departeth from me, and their fear toward me, is but the commandments of men wherein was instructed “” Isaiah 29-13

~ Amanda

“The Fruits of the Full Tithe”

I thank the Lord for this ministry and for being made aware of the truth about the Lord’s will in my life. In the old days I did not tithe regularly, nor did I understand the importance of this principle. After coming to this ministry, I learned to be faithful to God so that He will be free to bless me as He longs to do. Yesterday I was sharing with a friend the blessings of God in my life and I saw the need to share here too!

Every time I tithe, something good happens right away! This last time, I was praying for a refrigerator because I was without a decent one. Though I didn’t believe I needed a new one. I asked the Lord to show me a refrigerator that I could buy, used. Right after I tithed, I found a refrigerator on sale that was less than the used one I planned to buy! Another time, I remember that after I paid my tithe, I received an invitation from my husband, asking me to come over to the place where he is living to enjoy the day. Glory to God who is good and His mercy lasts forever!

“Take all the full tenth of your income to the storehouse, so that there may be food in my house, and test me,” declares the Lord. “See if I do not open the gates of heaven and pour a blessing upon you that surpasses your needs.” Malachi 3:10

~ Rena