A “Wow” Moment for Me!!

Dear Brides – this is a wow chapter. So often we don’t even realize that we are disobedient toward the Lord and His principles, and therefore miss His blessings and favor. This Chapter 13 “If You Love Me”  reveals so easily the ways of understanding these principles!

I had to stop several times in reading this chapter as my sins came to mind – thank you, dear Lord. The 1st sin that came to mind is my driving…then, to be sure my treatment of my parents is consistent. They are amazing parents and I do want to always honor them, as the Lord states. Next, being a single mom most of my life has caused me to give way too much leverage to my now adult daughter. I have sacrificed so much to give her the things to make up tor the absence of a father in the house. This was a HUGE issue with my EH and caused many fights. Although he is out of the house now, I get the importance of showing the Lord NOW that I have this in control and have changed. Next, my appearance. My EH is super into looks, his, mine, etc…In my rebellion, I would never wear make-up on the weekends and not straighten my hair. May sound silly, but I never leave the house without makeup on and get my hair blown out every week. He has yet to see me, but it doesn’t matter. I want to live in TOTAL obedience.

If you love Me, you will keep My commandments” (John 14:15).

I will SG today as I need him to reveal to me more about how I need to change in any and every way. Oh, 1 more, I totally cleaned my closet and threw away my daughter’s school stuff from many years ago – elementary age. My EH has asked me to do it, and I never obeyed. I’m thankful that our Lord is the Lord of many chances and always knows our hearts. Not sure how I could live as such a sinner otherwise. PTL.

I am sharing as much as possible with my friends about being obedient to their EH‘s. It’s funny how people hate that word – as I did. I get the rebellion now, and the serious effect of that consequence. I made excuses as well, so I gently try to encourage others from my errors and mistakes. I truly want my trials to help serve the Lord by helping other women. Often times, we can help so many just in our own circle. Another area of obedience that just came to me was when I knew I had to stop going to church to obey the Lord – to allow my EH to be the spiritual leader of our home. Yes, I never allowed this to happen bc I was always contentious and angry that he didn’t just do this on his own. Rebellion. Again. Wow…I did so many things wrong. Thank God that His truth sets us free. Every time.

I struggle now and then with loneliness as I’ve shared. However, if I keep my focus on the Lord, I find that I am not lonely. I also struggle with my thoughts. I pray for forgiveness and I never want to be double-minded. I KNOW that HE can do all things simply bc it’s in His Word. I need the Holy Spirit to remind me to not gossip, ever. I think this is hard for most women bc we are talkers. But, it’s just an excuse. Living in total obedience means just that. We don’t pick and choose the areas we wish to not obey. I desire to walk in total obedience and can only do so with the prompting of the Holy Spirit each and every moment of the day. I want the Lord’s blessings. I want to receive all that He has for me. Praise God.

If you like me have felt convicted about rebelliousness pray with me: Dear Lord, the more I read and learn the more I want you to be my everything. You are my beloved, my heart, my Redeemer, my counselor, my everything. I love you with every morsel of my heart and soul. Lord, I want to please you with how I love, how others see me, how I treat others, how I remain faithful to your Word and know that your promises are real – today, and every day. I love you my beloved with ALL my heart. Thank you for loving me, and for your truth. Thank you for your compassion and long-suffering with me. Thank you for loving me enough to enable this trial so I finally understand your love and power and true forgiveness. I praise you my dear LORD Jesus.

Dear Brides – I had to stop and reread the chapter because it’s SOOOO good! We are missing out on His best without even knowing why!! This Chapter 13 “If You Love Me” practically demonstrates what to do, by seeking God, so He reveals our sins. It was a “wow” moment for me!!

Dear Ladies – get your hands on this book and fast!! No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, the principles laid out in this book for an “abundant life” are priceless!!

~ Briella in California
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