Align My Heart and My Flesh

Dear Brides this Chapter 7 “Longing For Whom?” helped me let go and brought so much truth to my life. It helped me redirect my longing to the One and only that can satisfy all my needs.

This chapter was a prayer answered. I asked Him how I can get that obsession feeling away from me and He is faithful and answered many questions I asked. Praise the Lord. It also taught me and answered another concern that I had with my preteen daughter. I don’t want her to obsess over men and this Chapter 7 “Longing For Whom?” showed me that by me being in love with my Beloved I am showing her that my joy isn’t in her father, my EH, that even if he is not around I am at peace and joyful because I have my Beloved with me.

This chapter truly helped me because I was struggling this week with again longing for my EH. It helped me redirect my longing to the only One that can truly satisfy my everything. I was also concerned with my preteen daughter, I don’t want her to long for men, what this earth teaches and this chapter helped me see that by me being in love with my Beloved I am showing her that I don’t need a man to be happy, that all I need is Him and I do tell her in many occasions that He is all we need.

Just this week, Friday, both my teenage kids had playdates with their friends after school. My daughter told me she would reschedule her playdate because she didn’t want me to be lonely. I then explained to her that I was not alone, that I have Him and I am with Him, that was enough. I also explained to her that I didn’t mind having some alone time because I could spend time with Him. She looked relieved that I had such peace and joy. PTL!

Let’s pray together: My Beloved Jesus oh how I need You. Oh, how I long for You. You are all I need, want and all I live for. I want to be closer to You. I don’t know how, would You do it, help me want more of You, help me know You more. Could You please align my heart and my flesh with Your will. Thank You and I love You.

Dear Brides, the pain and rejection you feel I have felt and I understand. In this chapter, the author also understands you and helps you long for the One that can heal you and bring peace and joy to your life.

Isaiah 30:18 (NLT) “So the Lord must wait for you to come to him so he can show you his love and compassion. For the Lord is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for his help.”

My Beloved gave me this promise a couple of months ago it brings me much joy and hope because I know He is faithful.

This book Finding the Abundant Life is so helpful to teach us the truth that the world is trying to not give us to keep us bonded to the lies.

~ Janelle

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