Arguments and Senseless Mud Slinging

♕ Today's Promise: “Even though I punished you in my anger, I will restore you in my gracious favor and show you my tender compassion.” Isaiah 60:10

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Encourage! That is what this Ministry is all about. An I want to tell each and every one affiliated with this Ministry, that besides the Lessons, to read the Encourager every day. You will be greatly encouraged. I cannot count the numerous times I have read MY BELOVED which till today remains my favorite book. I was just recently involved with someone. I am not sure if I should call him the OM (other man) because I am divorced.

I have been involved with this person before and God bailed me out, but like a fool I went back. As I was living with my mom and my stepdad at the time I was told if I left again I would not be welcome back. When I filled in the Monthly Check-in Form I had to disclose my living arrangement and I confessed that I was living with this person. Within a matter of 3 days the ministry provided me with a safe place to stay and I moved out.

I was not only involved in the act of fornication but there was also a lot of alcohol involved so much so that there were days that I literally felt I was going to die due to the effect it was having on my body and mind. After one night of drinking and arguing, which is what the Bible says happens when you consume alcohol I was lying on the bed and I prayed to God and told Him that if He wanted me out of the situation He must make a way for me. And He did so through the ministry.

So fast forward two weeks later I feel better then I have felt in the last 2 years that I was involved on and off. My time is spent with Him and Him alone and I am now referring to Him as my Husband not my Heavenly Husband because although He is heavenly I prefer to think of Him as my husband being right here with me right now. The one I can speak to and tell that today we are going to become grandparents for the 3rd time. (My middle daughter is having her 1st baby), thanking Him because He is the one that gave our grandson life.

So getting back to "My Beloved". I received a message from the "OM" last night about a rumor something he had heard about me. I calmly told him that I was not interested in what he had to say. That it did not matter to me what people are saying. The Scripture in today's "My Beloved" confirmed it. God says the ways of the wicked will perish and to trust His Word on this. He says we can be free from worry about what our loved one (husband, ex-husband, mother, father, son , daughter, or any loved one says or does , we must not waste our time and energy.

Onslaughts will come and wear us down but we must remember we have a husband we can go to. He is not at work (well not physically), he is not watching sports, He is not sitting in a pub, (He is not chasing after women) well only us:) He is right here right beside me awaiting the birth of our little baby boy Luke (my daughter and her husband did not even know that Luke is a Biblical name and it means light giving 🙂 My daughter also lives in Scotland so she is very far away from me, but like I said He my Husband is near.

"Wine produces mockers; alcohol leads to brawls. Those led astray by drink cannot be wise." Proverbs 20:1 NLT

These words are so true in my situation as the drinking mostly led to arguments and senseless mud slinging and acting unbecomingly for a child of God.

"Listen to me, O royal daughter; take to heart what I say. Forget your people and your family far away. For your royal husband delights in your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord." Psalm 45:10-11 NLT

This verse the Lord led me to as I was reading today's Psalms.

Once again affirming that He is to be honored and that which makes my heart sing and brings tears to my eyes is that He says; He delights in my beauty. I have not been feeling beautiful lately until today when He told me that He takes delight.

Praise You my Husband for Your mercy and everlasting love and that no matter what I have done that You have NEVER taken Your love away from me.

~ Mercy in South Africa
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