At Each Last Test There Is a Blessing

♕ Today's Promise: “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses it for my sake will find it.” Matthew 16:25.

~ Poppy in Costa Rica

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Dear brides,

This chapter [You are all that matters] will help you understand what it means to lose your life, the life of the world, to earn an abundant life from the hand of your best spouse. Do not waste the opportunity to renew your mind with this principle for IT is all that matters.

When I first read this chapter, I had problems understanding this intimacy that the author had with the Lord, obviously because I was just starting out. Today I know a little more of His word, His promises and even though I know that we will continue to receive trials in our lives, staying by His side, taking His hand helps us to cross with joy and peace whatever situation. I understood that the fire of trials is not with the same intensity for everyone, but that the Lord is faithful to stay with us. He also fiat to me to learn that at each last test there is a blessing.

When Michelle mentioned how the women of the church envied her and turned her around, I was reminded of a situation I had with a neighbor of mine.

She seems to have a perfect marriage and with the pain in my heart to be a woman abandoned by her husband, I envy her situation a little. We have been neighbors since I got married but I have never had a loving relationship with her. Nevertheless one day, after around 1 year that my husband left, she called me to speak with me. She wanted to invite me to her church because she shared having also had problems in her marriage and having found the solution in church. I thanked her and left without ever attending because I had already found RMI. The case is that when I thought she was perfect and her marriage too, the Lord showed me just the opposite. Each and every one of us must give grace by our situations without looking at the others, because we can easily make mistakes with appearances.

To be able to apply these principles, I will have to remind myself often not to judge others, to find contentment with my life. Not to look at others when there is prosperity because this prosperity is the only one who can give it.

Dear brides,

This chapter will show you how you can find this intimacy with the Lord. You will know how to trust Him to get through the toughest trials of your life.

“For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses it for my sake will find it.” Matthew 16:25.

To become his bride and trust Him with everything, we must leave aside everything we have and know in order to be able to follow Him, to obey, to have this intimacy with Him.

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