Be still and know that I Am your God!!

Praise my beautiful Groom and Heavenly Husband, Jesus my Prince of peace, my God Who makes me happy at all times, Who tells me to stand still, He’ll take care of everything… what a glorious promise, what a glorious victory, even His trials are glorious… because the bigger the trial, the better and greater the victory!!!

God has used many situations to mold me as new clay, and oh has He done it! I give Him all the glory because He made me strong in love out of my weakness, strong in patience, in humility, in faith, in perseverance and in everything I’ve needed to to go through each test and give Him all the honor and all my gratefulness and praise.

There is so much to say and so much to be grateful for! There aren’t enough words to describe all that I feel for my WONDERFUL LOVE… during the last few months (several months after the amazing blessing of my marriage restoration) God began to polish what I needed to improve within me, and certain trials commenced such as when I was diagnosed Osteoarthritis and avascular necrosis (deterioration of bones that won’t regenerate) medically speaking… but spiritually speaking, to my love Jesus this disease is easy to heal!

I won’t deny that learning about my diagnostic and hearing all the medical recommendations, I can’t deny I felt sad or felt afraid seeing as how I needed to use crutches and later a cane to be able to walk. Even so I kept talking to and praising Him and preaching even when feeling gloomy and doubtful. But my God is so good that He used my earthly husband, to tell me when I left the hospital in tears, that I was like Jacob, and that I had fought the angel to obtain my blessing!! (Genesis 32:22-30), and not only that, but that same verse came in the Encourager the very next day! I knew that God was strengthening me…

And then we got some great news, my daughter was accepted at a University!! In the midst of the trial God granted us this joy! Another promise He fulfilled, I had prayed so much for this to happen, since my daughter had pursued a technical career and had no desire to go on to university because it meant many more years of study… but God leads and turns things around, He did so with our daughter, He deserves all the praise!!!

After this wonderful joy, another trial occurred, and it was the news that my husband’s work contract wouldn’t be renovated… it felt like a splash of cold water… nevertheless we kept worshiping and praising God as we held the non-renewal letter in our hands, during our nightly family prayer that my EH, our children and I do! And we thanked God because we know He’s in control of all things. Despite knowing a heavy university payment is underway, we rest in GOD!! Because He has told us: “I’ve chosen you, I will hold you up.”

And just as God has promised, He delivered us! My father-in-law, upon learning my daughter’s acceptance to university, he offered to help with a part of the tuition! Without knowing that my husband lost his job!! All glory and honor to the King of Kings, Who provides for our every need… one more trial came our way when my EH went to his former job to request his settlement payment. They told him he wasn’t yet eligible for it and that it’d probably take a whole month… he came home a little distressed over it, and even thought to take matters into his own hands and call the Administrator of Labor (a government institution) to denounce them. But suddenly he started to pray, since then, he changed his mind and simply left things in the hands of God. He began to be motivated to make preparations for the business he wants to start, and throughout this time, he attended a retreat from the church he goes to, and he came back filled with faith, filled with the Holy Spirit!!! He made a special connection with God… and on the day of the retreat, he was invited to tell his testimony before hundreds of people. We were among them, our children and I, and he mentioned us, and they ushered us forward to see who his family was!!

Oh, it was wonderful to hear the words I had so desperately wanted to hear (since between my EH’s wounds and constant struggles) he wouldn’t tell me I LOVE YOU… but on that day not only did he do so several times, but he made sure to state that he had gone to the feet of Jesus— thanks to my testimony, by seeing that God had made so many incredible changes in me! He said he wanted what I had, and he said it in public in front of hundreds of people, and GOD allowed me to be able to express to my EH, and to those gathered there that all of the glory belongs to GOD. That all I did was pray, believe, obey and love just as God loved me! This is another promise fulfilled by my Love Jesus, Joel 2:25 “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…”

Later, as he headed for home, apparently the enemy wanted to steal my joy, since as we got close to our house I dropped my phone on the street and I didn’t notice notice until hours later. A man found it on the street and had tried to get in touch with our family group chat, so I called him and he told me he was too far away and that he couldn’t return it that day, that it would have to be the next day. But the Word of God says, Nahum 1:7 “The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him” so I said, “This is fine God, bless you”.. But on the next day, I called him again and my phone had been turned off… so I thought… well, for now I can’t spend money on a phone, I have other priorities… but GOD told me in my heart 1 John 4:4 “… because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world”… so I told my son and we prayed. We prayed together for God to guide that man’s steps so he would get home and call me and give me my phone back…

After about an hour, I called again and my phone was back on!! Seconds later, the man called from my phone and said “Ma’am I’m a few blocks from your house, I’m bringing your phone back”… Praise GOD once more!!!

Who else but GOD works all things for the good of those who love Him!!! God overcomes it all and even the ones who rise up against His children, He is our Protector, our Rock and Strong Tower, He is powerful, He reigns, He is the GOD of the impossible!… There’s no one like Him! Praise to the King of Kings, wonderful Jesus, I praise and thank Him, because He provides for every area of my and my family’s life… there are so many more things to be grateful for and I pray for GOD to allow me to do so in another praise report.

~ Ziva in Peru