Before our Honeymoon Began

It seems like it was today when I heard Yvonne‘s voice note telling me about the possibility of the FLM Ministers meeting to celebrate Thanksgiving in Paris. I remember smiling while I  was paying attention to her South African accent and I could also feel my heart shooting with the news so unexpected and wonderful!

After that, a list of impossible things began to emerge – those kinds of things that only He could solve: with whom to leave the children, authorization from my EH “earthly husband”, passport expired, lack of money, absence from work, etc. Well, I could only thank Him for His love and knew that if it were of His will all these impossiblities would become possible 🙂

I watched as one by one all these things were solved and always in a wonderfully special way, leaving no doubt that it was Him Who was inviting me to spend special days in the city that is known as the City of Love <3

I need to tell you in more detail about my passport: in Brazil it’s necessary to schedule an appointment at the Federal Police website and there were no dates available before our trip … I confess that I became a little bit sad, and I stood there in front of the computer without much reaction. And, that’s when I did “something” on the site – I do not know if I could repeat it now – LOL! Which showed me the possibility of making my appointment in another city and there was time available in two days! I had plenty time to pay the fees and then guarantee my schedule.

Moreover, to go to this city it’s possible to take a boat and that’s how He took me there … I was able to go enjoying a beautiful sunny morning! No traffic jam, nor noisy cars and buses, but only the sound of the waves beating against the ferry boat. I realized how He was already acting in such romantic way even before our honeymoon began 🙂

I also need to tell you how I feared my EH’s reaction. He knows there’s something I do that involves women and marriages, but I realize he does not understand exactly the whole context and as he’s never asked for more details, so as He leads me, I’ve kept everything discreet and kept winning without words 🙂

While I am writing, I remember of telling him that I would be meeting my sweet and dear friends Tara and Sara – both of them had been at our home while in Brazil! Then he told me: “Wow, it is amazing! It will be nice for you to meet again and in such a special place!” I could just smile, but inside of me I was jumping, and bursting with joy, gratefulness, and love for the One Who made it possible for each one of us who was asked to go! And I added that I would also meet Lota, Yvonne, and Adele for the first time, and he was really touched with this!

There is so much more that I could write, but I will stop here and come back again soon, so that you and I can tell Him how we feel, or as Erin teaches us, that we may Selah and allow Him to speak to our hearts about all the impossibilities that He has already turned into possibilities for you and everything else that He will still do in your life!

He did not just give me a honeymoon with Him in the City of Love, but day by day He poured out of His love and affection upon me, and every day I can feel that He has so much more! Sometimes I ask why, why me, so unworthy? But He keeps loving me because that is the way He is and the way He cares for His brides. And what I want and ask Him is to make Him happy and for me to become more and more of His bride!

This is why I really need to stop and Selah and I invite you to do the same to allow Him to love you as only He can do!

“Ah, Sovereign Lord, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.” Jeremiah 32:17

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” Jeremiah 31:3

~ Paula
RMT “Daddy!!!!”
Ajuda Matrimonial