By my example, They are Watching Me

I want to thank God first and then Erin and Tara and my dear friends for the wonderful week at the recent Retreat. I really learned from several restored women that restoration’s key was to let go, let go and hold on to only One who loves me unconditionally. At the end of the most amazing incomparable retreat, the Lord had done in my heart and my marriage restoration moved to the background of my life and my priority turned to love more, know more, serve more, and worship Him more as my HH.

Experiencing first hand how their loyalty had no limits, which had been fascinating, and incredibly I had not been home for more than two days after my return and my EH has had a change of heart towards me and his sons! God works incredibly; I’ll never have enough words of gratitude to express what these encouraging women did for me, teaching me that the Man who loves me dearly is there, impatient, wanting me to turn my gaze toward Him because He is waiting for me at any time, day or night. It is such a wonderful adventure, it feels deliciously wonderful knowing I am loved every moment and my love for Him becomes even richer still. It’s great to wake up just thinking about, talking about, and making Him part of my life. Now nothing disturbs me, I feel safe by His side.

Thank God for all these wonderful women who sent me to this Retreat, and for all of them who guided me towards Him, dear friends, thank you!

From now on I will have them always present in my heart, and will pray that God meets the desires of each of them with the overwhelmingly perfect plan because each is unique. Thanks to Erin, for Tara, she is the daughter all of us would like to have. She is incredibly exceptional, with a heart and wisdom that touched me.  Now after being with her, I want to guide my children to the Lord in the same way, but even better is that she said it’s not even what I do in my power, but by prayer and by my example, that they are watching me as she watched her mother. The Lord is great, loving me despite my sins and giving me such beautiful gifts. Gifts is what all of you are to me—oh how wonderful you are. I love you all and want more women to know that You’re what solves everything! And even despite the problems I’ve faced in marriage, You took care of me and never left me alone, thank you LORD, thank You, thank You. Now I just ask you to use me to do and give back everything You did for me. As God use each of you, my prayer is that He will use me.

Yes, this has been a spectacular week, God is good, the blessing that He gave are so Great, now everyone sees me smiling all day, and there is nothing that can steal my joy and my peace, because of who I have. God, I Love You, You’re mighty and can’t be compared.

See you all at the next retreat. Thank God for each of your love and for your kindness towards me.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so pants for you, O God my soul. Psalms 42:1

This is how I feel, every moment, there is never a moment not to speak of my Beloved. I really am able to love. Thank God this happiness, my heart danced with joy for You. I love You more than my life. You are kind. I never thought that anyone could feel so so happy despite any storm we face. I do not fear anything because everything I can take to Him who strengthens me. My HH. My Maker, my Light, my Guide, my Love. Thank God, You’re good to me!

~ Flor in Florida