Cancer Cured—Ring the Bell

Today, I received AMAZING news!!! My Praise is about how God is working in the life of my family. “I will comfort those who mourn, bringing words of praise to their lips. May they have abundant peace, both near and far,’ says the Lord, who heals them.” Isaiah 57: 18-19.

In about 3 weeks my Mommy gets to “ring the bell!” I know that may sound very strange, so let me provide a little context. As I

have mentioned my Mommy is currently battling cancer. Well, more appropriately, she is resting in our Beloved and He is waging a major war against cancer that is attempting to attack her liver. When she was diagnosed several years ago, it began as a small lump in her breast. She was healed and during the course of treatment, they found cancerous spots on her liver. Her medical team was perplexed but started several rounds of chemotherapy to combat the issue. After 6 rounds, a full body scan was performed, the cancerous spots remained, and her oncologist recommended that she meet with a radiologist to get an opinion on the next steps.

During this meeting, she met with two doctors, who basically told her that she was hopeless! She was taken aback by the news. The doctors continued by telling her that they could start radiation, but they were currently treating someone with a similar condition, who recently passed away, and they all but alluded that this would be my Mom’s ultimate and immediate fate. But, my Mommy’s faith in our Jehovah Rapha (The Lord, Our Healer) would not be shaken! She politely informed the doctors that she was here upon the recommendation of her oncologist who believed that the spots on her liver were treatable, manageable, and hopefully curable. But, then she went on to say, that her hope, her trust, and her faith in her Beloved, whom she loves and faithfully serves, will allow her to believe nothing less than what His Word proclaims. She went on to inform them of what our Beloved allowed His Son to do for us on the cross, and because of that we are healed and have the right to an abundant life when we profess Him as our Lord and our Savior. She said that abundance will be realized wherever we dwell whether it is here on earth or in the Heavens with Him. But, right now she will experience healing on Earth because she has SO much more living to do for Him!

She did not elaborate on the doctors’ response, but I believe within my heart, that she was specifically sent there that day to witness to those doctors about the hope, love, and peace that we can all experience when we have a true, authentic, and intimate relationship with Him! ?

Needless to say that when she returned to the oncologist, he was less than pleased with her experience, but continued to forge ahead with the chemotherapy treatments. During her last full body scan, she was told that the spots are clearing up and they would after 2 more rounds of treatment (3 weeks) my Mommy will get to ring the bell! Cancer patients who have won the fight against cancer, get to ring a very large, very loud bell after their last round of therapy that signals to the hospital staff, patients, and anyone else in earshot, that they have reigned victorious over something that tried to destroy them! I am SO thankful that Mommy will get to ring the bell!!

I want to encourage anyone reading this to know that no matter the obstacle or issue you face, the only way to reign victoriously over something designed to destroy you is to have a true, authentic, and intimate relationship with Him! He has allowed whatever is perplexing you, to bring you to a fork in the road in your journey. He is giving you the choice to choose Him and follow the narrow road. That road may seem scary and tumultuous because it has not been chartered by many. But one thing you have is His promise to never leave you or forsake you. I pray that you chose Him, so you too can ring the bell in your fight and let the world know that with Him you can reign triumphant in your life!

I will comfort those who mourn, bringing words of praise to their lips. May they have abundant peace, both near and far,’ says the Lord, who heals them. Isaiah 57: 18-19. NIV

I pray that you allow our Beloved to heal your life. Whatever you are going through, He has allowed so that He can prove how amazing He is! He wants you to walk in His abundance, and the only thing we have to do is accept His love, His lead, and His calling 🙂

~ Cierra in Kentucky  

“Restoration Happened Quickly and Suddenly”

Encouraging Bookstore and NRP Branch Director

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