Christmas Time

Dear friends and brides! Magnified be the name of our Beloved, our Friend and Counselor, our Dear Heavenly Husband!

The Christmas times is coming, and for long time I was not so excited, even when my parents were living here where I had the opportunity to spend 2 years with my family. But this year I know that my Love is preparing something wonderful for us and I am just waiting for His plans.

Unfortunately not every year I've been like this, because of the pains, longing, memories. But all this has passed because my Beloved cares for me in a surprising way, as I was never cared for. I saw that the memories were so insignificant, so empty because our HH was not there to give complete satisfaction. The emptiness I felt was filled, the pain healed, I am His Bride and I feel joyful and happy in Him, because He says, “You can do nothing without Me” - John 15: 5

Every time I planned something it was frustrating so I learned in that desert time to fully expect Him and His plans that are higher than mine.

I encourage you, dear friend, not to call your EH, to expect nothing from him, to make mind-boggling plans to take care of and care for the people who "They Don't Have It" (Finding the Abundant Life - I encourage you to read) or even manipulate meetings or situations. Let go of this "old woman" and hope for the best plans from Him, our true Love. He knows what plans he has and is for peace (Jeremiah 29:11).

“Leave them! .... if a blind man leads another blind man, both will fall into the hole." Matthew 15:14

Seek God (SG) ask Him in your prayer closet what His plans for the Christmas time and I assure you will be surprised. I am really expecting to what He is preparing for me and I know that He has been probing the desires of my heart and these are desires that I have long wanted to fulfill. Ah this Love !!! How careful for me!

Please sweet, wait on Him, all the time! Because really He is all we need.

“For I know the thoughts that I think of you, saith the LORD; thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you the end you hope for” (Jeremiah 29:11).

"Thus saith the LORD: Cursed is he that trusteth in people, that standeth in human strength, and turneth his heart away from the LORD. It is like a lonely bush in the desert; has no hope at all. It will dwell in desolate and barren places, in a salty land where no one lives. “Happy is he who trusts in the LORD, whose hope is the LORD. It is like a tree planted by the river, with roots that extend to streams of water. It does not bother with the heat, and its leaves remain green. It does not fear the long months of drought, and never ceases to bear fruit. “The human heart is more deceptive than anything, and extremely wicked; who really knows how bad it is? I the LORD search the heart, and try the thoughts. I give each person the proper reward according to their actions” (Jeremiah 17:5-10).

Don't be like a dry bush in the desert, but wait on Him like a tree planted by the river, so that you receive the proper reward.

Happy Christmas! And a New Year with many blessings from the highest heavens, directly from His hands. Hugs.

~ Erica in Ireland
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