Content and Joyful in my Current Situation and Status

Hello Brides 😀 As always, first I want to thank my Beloved HH for the Abundant Life He gave me, and for teaching me how to live this new life \o/ I am so loved and cherished by Him, I could never imagine that after all the bad things that happened in my life I would be able to be content and joyful in my current situation/status. These couple of months, I've been so happy to belong only to Him and to do the work He called me to do here in the Ministry and also among friends, family and even strangers.

I have many things to share and don’t know where to start...I believe that in my last PR (Praise Report) I explained a little bit of the debt that I didn’t know I had and that I had no money to pay! I begin to pray and asked Him to help me with that, it was worth thousands, but He is amazing and work it in a way I could never expect, I had no idea where I needed to go, so He touched the heart of my dear friend and she went with me and her husband who is Turkish, said to me not to worry, since the same thing happened to him, he knew where to go and what to talk.

When we got there, in a huge government building, usually the place is so crowded, but at the time we went was empty, they directed us to the right place, and I believe that we just spent 15 minutes there, it was just the time to explain my situation and wait for them to ERASE more than half of the total debt, I was just sitting there looking at how He worked and did wonderful things in my life. When I received the new amount that I needed to pay, I didn't have the money in my bank account, I trusted Him to provide for that too, by the next day I was so blessed by the Ministry and I was able to pay what I owed and now Praise the Lord I am debt free!!!!

It took a while from when I discovered my debt to when He paid it for me, it was a test of faith to not run to anyone else but to trust that He could and would provide for me and it was that He did Brides!!!! I want to share this testimony with you, and giving most of what I received to pay the debt, I saw how wonderfully He takes care of me. I tithe to my Storehouse and this us one of the most important principles that I learned here, I am not rich and overflowing with money, He teaches me to use what He gives me in the best way and also bless others in need.

The other thing that I want to share is that my family is not in a good financial situation, and He led me to help them. I was going to the marketplace, I saw a blender set that I wanted for a long time, and it had an amazing price (it was discount season) and I really like it, when I asked Him if I should buy it He said no, but instead to also send the money to my family and a friend that was in need too. I said okay and rested knowing that if He wants me to have a blender set I would find one with a better price 🙂 I rested and completely forgot about it. By the next week I went to visit my friend and help her take care of her baby, this is the same friend that helped me with the debt, we are neighbors 😉 After a while she said that she had something to show me and asked me to close my eyes, I thought that she would dress her son in a new and cute outfit and wanted to show to me, but when I opened my eyes I saw in front of me the same blender set that I wanted to buy, I was kind of puzzled and when she saw my face she start to laugh and said that it was a present for me.

Brides I was so shocked, and I could not believe it, I asked her, why she bought it for me, she shared that she and her husband saw it and felt the need to buy it and to give me this present, and I know it was from My Beloved Husband, taking care of everything and giving me presents. I could write so much more about His goodness in my life in all areas, even when I struggle and have so many trials, He is still there and I can be excited for all the new things that He is doing. And I will do that in my next Praise Report!!!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5

"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

"Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure—pressed down, shaken together, and running over." Luke 6:38

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