Coworker (who claims to be Pagan) is IN LOVE with the RYM book

Happy Thanksgiving to all our USA Encourager Readers

“Coworker (who claims to be Pagan) is IN LOVE with the RYM book”

I feel ashamed. I haven’t been submitting anything for a while now, my mind had gotten distracted. And I felt my relationship with my Heavenly Husband changing. But you know what? He is STILL good. He STILL loves me and hasn’t forsaken me, He was always there for me. He is wonderful. Truly amazing. If I neglected my EH the way I had just done to my HH, I imagine my EH would have been upset with me and showed me for the next couple of days his anger. Not my HH, He immediately let me start feeling closer and the warmth of His love and His words right away! That in itself is a praise. Don’t feel discouraged ladies when you get a little sidetracked, pull yourselves up and lean on Him again and again.

Now that isn’t the only reason for my praise today. Over the past several days I have been given the opportunity to share Once on Sunday with a woman who recently had a vow renewal with her husband and with another who I never met, but my coworker told me of her situation.

So starting off with the woman I talked to on Sunday, although she had gotten her vows renewed right around the same time I started this journey with my HH, I can tell she is still lost and emotional. I asked her for her email and that I’d like to keep this as discreet as possible. I am unsure if she has opened it yet, she has yet to reply, but I told her that I have a peace that passes ALL understanding and I have comfort and faith in our amazing Prince of Peace. I pray that she opens this email and reads the contents and enters through the narrow gate.

As for my co-worker’s sister-in-law, she recently bought a home with her husband and has a six-year-old daughter. About a month ago my coworker told me her brother was cheating on his wife, and she came to me knowing of my situation. I asked her what her sister-in-law was like, if she had any faith in God or was a Christian. She told me she was, but (just like my co-worker) her brother is not. I told her about RYM and my coworker (who claims to be pagan and claims to dislike Christians very much) ORDERS HER A BOOK! Now, this is incredible because I have been praying for my co-worker for a long time and she has delivered the book to her sister-in-law! The sister-in-law is IN LOVE with the RYM book and is reading it together with her mother who is visiting from Columbus!!

Now my coworker is getting curious and wants to read it too!! Glory to God!! I have tears in my eyes thinking not only of the restoration for THREE marriages here, but also to prayerfully see my co-worker be saved! She has become a closer friend to me and knows I am a Christian. Yet, she claims I am different and I want to show her that not all Christians have the same understanding our who Saviour is, not as her HH who is there with you. I surely didn’t. Not always. But I am changed and now I get to watch the fruit of my Heavenly Husband’s works. He has done a work on me, changing my heart, making me fearless to proclaim His name and my love for Him. People always knew I was a Christian because I claimed to be, but they probably weren’t seeing my light. Now it’s shining brighter all thanks to Him and this Ministry.

Thank you ladies. Thank you all. I apologise again, for being so quiet. I have no excuse as to why I haven’t submitted anything lately. Please know I am forever grateful to you all and your dedication and love for our HH.

“For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.” Proverbs 24:16

Get back up again ladies!! Don’t be discouraged that you’ve fallen behind. Finish the course. We all maybe fall and scrape our knees sometimes but remember:

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith” 2 Timothy 4:7 KJV

This is not only for you, but for the Glory of God, our Heavenly Husband. The one who loved a widow when she was forsaken. Do it for Him when you lose sight, do it for Him when you no longer feel love for you EH. Seek God, He knows what to do.

~ Ruth in Illinois