Cut All My Credit Cards Up

♕ Today's Promise: “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice!” Philippians 4:4

Dear Brides, We all have a fear when it comes to our finances, but if you can just let go and give them to God you will see a big weight will be lifted off of you such a burden we do not have to bare because our Lord and savior carried it for us.

This chapter 4, “Give it Away,” was so moving one I could relate to so much, I had to take moments and pause to cry and thank god for so many things. I did not cry out of grief but out of relief and joy that I could finally freely trust God in this area of my life. I always did for the most part but the times I didn't cost me big!!!

Mark 10:27, “Looking at them, Jesus said, ‘With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.’”

I'm loving these verses, and I say verses because there are several. I did not know until I started the How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage and A Wise Woman and Finding the Abundant Life, and Encourager. This verse has helped my trust and faith that God will do something that in our human eyes looks impossible.

Well, I already learned this by making so many mistakes and my HH coming through for me even with all my doubts. Even with all my doubts!!!! How awesome is that! brings me to tears while I write this because he loved me so much that with all my doubts and fear and worry He wanted to prove to me that He was my provider not anyone else. He did not have to do that. I did not deserve Him going to the lengths He went to show me no matter what He would always provide for me. I have been a stay at home mom for 23 years so I have been dependent on my first husband and now my second. Always living in fear financially because neither husband liked to share their money. Both were very controlling with it. Both having the idea that it was theirs because they worked and I didn't.

Since both of my marriages were so unstable I was always in fear of what if they up and leave me. Nothing is mine. I loved staying home with my children and new God was giving me that gift to be able to. during my separation with the first marriage and now this one, I tried to find a job but never could find someone to hire me because, well because I was nothing of worth to any of them because I did not have much of any work experience. I have 5 kids total. three adults and now two young ones at home.

I knew during my first separation and now my second that after I could not find a job my HH did not want me to get one. That He was going to take care of me. He truly is being my Husband. The only thing through before He started to let me know He was going to restore my marriage was that I was starting to doubt how was he going to provide for me when I had no job and my divorce was coming up around the corner? I was getting by living off spousal and child support but my child support could not cover all the bills that my spousal was covering which was the house note car note and car insurance.

I ended up getting a grant that is paying for me to take a online college course which I am taking now but I was not near going to be finished by the time the D day came around so yes I did start questioning. Until God showed me He was going to restore my marriage.

Then I could see why I did not find a job and why I did not have to feel in such a hurry to get this Pharmacy tech course done. Another thing that I am not so sure about. I did not do well in school and am now 47 years old. So going back to school is a very scary thing for me to accomplish. Anyway, I have learned to just roll with things that my HH will line everything up to not try to go ahead of him.

I know we are not suppose to go to court. I did not come to all this knowledge until after the fact but when we did go to decide on the child support and the spousal my HH made sure I was provided with just enough that every bill was paid for. We live off just enough to no more no less. No room to spend anything extra. I am more then happy and content with that though. For a minute I stopped paying my tithes because My child support got cut some.

God convicted me of this and brought me to a place of understanding that if I give my tithes He will make sure all my bills are always paid. So I started tithing again and told God I would never not tithe no matter if it looked like a bill was not going to get paid. I have ever since. and after doing so I had times before God started to restore my marriage that my husband who still is not living with me out of the blue after not talking hardly asked if I needed any money could ask if I did. I did too. I did need money at that time to pay ac couple things. Since God's been using my husband to pay for extras the kids needed that I normally wouldn't have been able to buy or asked my husband to.

Looking back now seems like God was setting my husband and I up for restoration even then. We still have some ways to go unless God decides to instantly turn my husbands heart because he's already turned mine but I am learning through this ministry to wait and that its OK to wait. That I don't want my husband back or anything else for that matter if it's not from God if it's not Gods will to be in my life. I've told God I do not want my husband to come back unless God sends him back. Only if God sends him back out of His will. God is enough and I see that and feel that. I will fully trust God to provide and guide me financially from now on, no doubting no fear.

Today I told God I was going to cut all my credit cards up. I have been paying on them for a couple years now and they seem to be going no where paying so much interest. I have only used one or two since. I asked him to please find a way that I can pay these things off all at once and would never use another credit card as long as I live. That I would depend on Him to supply all my needs if I didn't have the money for something. So I wait for my HH to provide the means to get them all paid off if that is in His will to do.

Well as of today I am not struggling with anything but feel peace knowing my HH is taking care of me and will trust Him with every area of my life. I want His will to be done in my life Not mine any more. I'm so tired of my will going forth with nothing but grief in return. I have confidence and faith and trust that my HH will is sufficient and will only return good things and nothing but His unfailing merciful love.

Let us pray: Lord, Today I do ask for wisdom. I read in Proverbs 8 today about how important and special gaining much wisdom is for me. Thank You for showing me today my sins against both my first husband and my current husband. Thank you for making me humble to go to both and apologize for somethings asking for their forgiveness. It feels really good to get rid of such filth. I love you so much

Dear Brides, If you want to know how to trust God with your finances or to see what He did for another this is a very good chapter to read. SO many examples of Gods mercy. So many examples of Gods faithfulness and love for us.

All my life God has provided for me not just some of my life but all. I just didn't know it at the time. Looking back now I see. Don't wait until half your life is over to see Gods goodness and the love He has for you to be your Heavenly Husband to provide all your needs in every area of your life. Here in this chapter 4, “Give it Away,” are so many great examples of the lengths God will go to make sure we have enough.

~ Binly in Louisiana

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