Do Not Listen to the Lies

♕ Today's Promise: "“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke,to set the oppressed free and break every yoke?" Isaiah 58:6

☊ PR Podcast Tiara

I would like to give glory to the Lord for meeting my husband for the second time, seven months after the first. My husband unexpectedly announced that he would fly to his hometown and invited me to his family's house for three days. The Lord has been preparing me for this recently through time with Him and the RMI materials. He also led me to my first seven-day fast and three days before my husband's arrival. I entrusted this meeting to the Lord and prayed that His will would be fulfilled.

For another time, the Lord heard many of my prayers and performed new miracles. In my heart, I was convinced that this meeting would not be the end of my RJ (Restoration Journey), that I should not be afraid of any harm, but to enjoy the time when the Lord would show my husband the next changes that had taken place in me. The Lord fulfilled my heart's desire by having my husband pick me up at the bus station. He also softened his heart towards me, because he is interested in my life again, he is kind, he jokes with me, compliments my appearance, cares for me through little gestures that show me that I am not indifferent to him anymore and started over again open up to me, even though we never touched upon the subject of our future and marriage.

The Lord also showed me what changes he makes in my husband and I have the impression that he is also rebuilding the relationship with his family, as with mine. It was the first time that I had the opportunity to see with my own eyes when I had a desire or need, and I told my Heavenly Husband, not my earthly husband, and the Lord fulfilled it through my husband. The Lord is wonderful and loved. He also blessed me that we stayed in a beautiful house with a garden, where there was peace and perfect weather for which I was praying. We were preparing meals together again, and we ate dinners in restaurants. It felt like we were going on dates again, it was very nice and I knew that each of these good things and moments came from the hand of my lovely HH (Heavenly Husband).

By the grace of the Lord, although I was a bit afraid of what our conversations would look like for so long, we had no problem finding topics to talk about. We began to agree again on various points, and I began to remember how much we had in common.

Knowing that we would be together for a few days, I wondered if the Lord would restore intimacy between us during this trip and I prayed for God's will in this area as well, telling the Lord about my desires and fears. Before the meeting, I had a lot of thoughts about my husband's betrayal, another woman, and the thought that I would never be able to be with my husband after something like this.

Thanks to the grace of the Lord and the testimonies of many women in the service, I was able to fight them and stick to the Truth, everything is possible with the Lord. My husband announced that we would sleep in separate rooms, because there are a lot of them, but on the spot it turned out that there was a problem with the only free room in which he was supposed to sleep, because his aunt did not want anyone to stay there. My husband mentioned it several times, and I remained silent, praying what to do about it, until I had the conviction to say that I did not mind him staying in my room. My husband agreed, saying he doesn't like to lie so he would prefer not to sleep there either.

In this whole situation, I sensed that the Lord had arranged it so that we could be with my husband, and in addition to having a good time together before falling asleep talking to us, the Lord actually restored our intimacy, and my fears were not fulfilled. Praise the Lord! Even though we are more like friends for now, it is a beautiful gift from the Lord and I believe it is an important step in rebuilding our marriage. I also wanted to encourage you with this testimony, if you also heard that your husband no longer feels anything for you, cannot imagine intimacy and closeness with you, and even advises you to find someone else because he does not care. Do not listen to the lies that come out of his mouth, but see with the eyes of faith, the Lord is in control and directs his heart where he wants.

Trust in His promises and in the Truth of His Word, for Him there is no situation impossible to change.

I believe that this meeting was also a test of my heart, a test of whether I will follow what I have learned in the previous months and whether my HH (Heavenly Husband) will remain my First Love. The Lord helped me to be submissive, something with which I had a huge problem, to have a gentle and quiet spirit, not to complain, not to be quarrelsome, but nice, to build my husband with words and to show him the love I received from the Lord.

~ Tiara in Poland
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