EB NRP: “Paperback Books to Hurting Women in Africa?”

Dear Partners, our entire Publishing Team wants to thank you for your ongoing support to see more books in paperback, as eBooks and in many more languages.

Revelation 7:9 NET Bible “After these things I looked, and here was an enormous crowd that no one could count, made up of persons from every nation, tribe, people, and language…”

Just as He told us, by your giving you are spreading the GOOD NEWS to so many around the world! Mark 16:15 NLT “And then He told them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.’”

Here’s What’s New!

Even though we were concerned when the Lord saw fit to uproot our Publishing Team’s director, the very next day we watched in awe of Him doing the impossible. We saw Him rebuild our team with 3 new team members who were taught how to format our books to get more into paperback and in more languages.

~ Sara I’m very excited about the new things that the Lord is doing not only in our lives but also in our ministries. When we were in the middle of the difficulties with the book’s status, and when everything seems to go wrong, we knew that He was preparing us for new and better things. There was great pressure, but He made us wait patiently and see how He was bringing everything into place according to His will.

If that were not enough, He expanded our printers to include Africa! Atarah’s cousin has a printing company and is capable of printing books! This will cut down on the cost and time getting paperback books to hurting women in Africa—sometimes that take 6 months to arrive!!!

~  Yvonne A few weeks before Atarah announced that her cousin has a printing company, I walked passed a lovely Christian bookstore selling Afrikaans books and just in passing, I told the Lord how great it would be to see our Afrikaans RYM book in displayed in the window. And here we are another step closer to this happening. He amazes me everyday:)

~ Atarah He sure is amazing as I had it on my mind that my cousin is capable of printing books. He placed in my heart a desire to see many more women in South Africa and Africa become His Brides. Little did I know what His plans truly were!! :))

What’s new is the expansion of our publishing team, and how we discovered an inexpensive one-hour video training course, that will allow us to offer to our translation team so that we could see each language, trained and able to format their own books.

~  Yvonne Another thing that He made so light and easy was getting the course and going through it. It is so easy to understand. At my previous work, I was considered knowledgeable in Word, and here He humbles me and shows me how much He can still teach me:):):)

~ Sara I always wanted to learn how to use my computer, it was something that I talked with Him, but He always gives us more than we ask, and He gave me an opportunity to learn more by going through the course, it was very enjoyable, as everything we do with Him!! His time is also perfect, now that I’m returning to Turkey to continue His work,  I’ll able to finish and in the future publish the books there, bringing hope and the RMI resources for the for the women who are suffering without knowing Him and His love \o/

~ Tara His timing is so perfect!! Our heart has always been to get more and more books into paperback around the world and now the Afrikaans ministry is taking steps that way! Can not tell you the kind of breakthrough this is to have a team, one body, working on formatting! It had been so hard not knowing this skill and turning it over, but He knows the desires of our heart, and I’ve learned! Excited to keep SG, following His lead and to help supervise this team!!!!

Do you feel unworthy or incapable of being used by God to minister? Trust me He can use you by just letting Him know you are willing. 2 Timothy 2:20-22.

You’ll never know what He has for you until you surrender your life and ask Him to use you just as it says in Matthew 16:25 “‘If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever wishes to save his life shall lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake shall find it.’”

For most, if not all, of the women (and men) He sent here, He had much much more in mind than to restore marriages. He wants to restore everything and also make your life new! Becoming a worker@home is becoming a wonderful way of life for many more translators, ministers and also now, publishing team members.

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