EH says, ‘The Lord Loves You a Lot’

Reading the encourager of today “How to be blessed this year” made me think of all the times that my HH has blessed me during my life but especially last year. Thanks to this ministry I learned that all I have is through Him.

Before I entered this ministry I was not so conscious of that. Very deep in my heart, I wanted to spend at least one day at the beach. To breathe pure air and enjoy the sea. I never said a word about it. But my HH had a surprise for me.

My EH invited me to spend New Year’s Eve at the beach together with his relatives. He rented a flat and we stayed there for three days. We had a really good time. My HH gave me last year many things that I wanted through my EH….sometimes I feel he may be jealous because I give always my gratitude to my Beloved. My EH husband always says that “The Lord Jesus loves you a lot” My HH has showed me that He wants to bless me…the only thing I have to do is to delight myself in Him. Sometimes that is not easy, and my heart aches so deeply because I want to love Him with all my heart, my mind, my soul and my strength. But I know that this year will be different… no matter what happens in my life I have HIM… and that is what makes the difference.

Meanwhile, as I was writing this PR… a song came to my mind that I want to share with you. Sing it with me to our Beloved.

“Lord I Give You My Heart” by Michael W. Smith

This is my desire

To honor You

Lord with all my heart

I worship You

All I have within me

I give You praise

All that I adore is in You

Lord, I give You my heart

I give You my soul

I live for You alone

Every Breath that I take

Every moment I’m awake

Lord, have Your way in me

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

~ Camila in Argentina