EH told Everyone He was Single

I want to thank all of you immensely for the time dedicated to helping us and encouraging all of us who are going through the most difficult times or our lives. Since I started the courses my life has been changing and there is not a day that will turn out good without reading and meditating on every word as I go through the courses. You have helped me to feel loved and welcomed and most importantly to know the love of my HH in my life. Whenever I am away from Him and forget He is close I am miserable, forgetting all that God has done for me. But I know that together, with you and especially with my HH, I will continue on this journey. Thank you!

When I came here I was divorced, but we still lived in the same house and slept together. He hid our relationship from everyone and told everyone he was single, but in the house, I’m thankful he had a relationship with me.

Then he was transferred and said he would be gone for over a year, so I also decided to leave my country and live in another country. He was with me until the last day before my trip to join him, but when I arrived in Europe he told me to go on with my life. It was at this moment that I found the ministry and your help and encouragement. So it’s been HIM who sustained me and gave me the strength to continue. I feel that finding this ministry was God’s greatest proof of His affection and demonstration of love to me!

Dear bride, have faith and give faith. If I resisted and didn’t begin taking the courses, I wouldn’t be here writing this testimony to you, without hope you have no future. I experienced the worst: like being abandoned in another country, the loss of my job after 10 years with the same company and the guaranteed financial independence I would have had, and in the same month, I signed the divorce served to me from my husband. I hid all my suffering, but God knew how much life I had lost. Fear and insecurity dominated me. But today I walk with my HH and experience daily the gift of Him directing me in every area of my life. I continue to seek to learn His teachings every day, for only through the Word can I truly understand my HH love for me.

~ Gail

Made My Restoration Solid