Entertainment excess

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"Your ears will hear these words behind you: β€œThis is the way, walk in it," whether you go to the right or to the left" I3021. But you must be listening.

Today I want to share with you what my Husband was showing me during these honeymoon days... since before we were informed of this honeymoon period, I was asking my Husband for some time alone with Him because I wanted to have much more intimacy with Him, I was feeling I was not listening to Him at all and I wanted to focus only on Him, I had already set the date to take the time of ministerial leave, which surprisingly was the same date that they decided to give us this honeymoon time and it is simply wonderful how He made this possible for me!

Later that week, in a conversation with my sister, I shared that I felt strange, that it was difficult for me to be without specific things to do because I was used to multitasking, and she mentioned that something similar was happening to her and that her Husband guided her to the lesson of "Two-Way Communication", I was feeling anxiety and the need to be busy in every way, then my Husband called my attention to it, He made me understand that I couldn't hear Him like before because there was a lot of noise, many voices and excess of entertainment (music and videos), all the time there was something to do, something to read, something to listen to, notifications, messages, audios, etc...

Although I have left social networks, I have kept YouTuve to listen to music, but apparently, I had been using it excessively, on the other hand, when it was not those things typical of the ministry, it was music when cooking or some lesson to listen to... He said that it was well during a time in my journey when my thoughts were so negative and I needed to cleanse my mind and system of mental discussions and all the bad thoughts that ran amok through the deepest valleys of my desert but that stage is over now.

I felt I had to read that lesson "Two-Way Communication" https://loveatlast.org/living-lessons/week-9-two-way-communication/ and it was the perfect time to do it because it confirmed all that He was telling me at my heart, I just needed to silence all the voices to listen to Him. Dear brides, it is so easy to slip into becoming a wife and stop being His bride!! I praise my Husband who has been faithful in maintaining in me the desire for Him, which led me to miss Him and decide to turn away from everything to look for Him because I know that He saw my heart and my desire to recover that constant communication and He opened me this space to be calm and free to look for Him and spend time with Him.

I praise my husband because in reality these days that I have spent in silence, leaving the excess of music and everything else, I have been blessed by feeding on the bread, the manna He provides me daily through the encouragingwomen.com and the lessons, by hearing directly from Him, which is the most important thing, by resuming our conversations while I wash the dishes, while I do the cleaning, while I do anything because now my ears are available to listen to His voice, to leave the entertainment and let Him be my companion at every moment of the day.

Finally, I want to share this information that my Husband brought to my memory, to teach me that excessive lessons, music or whatever, even if it is good, can result in us not having time for it to have its best effect when MEDITATING IN SILENCE what He is saying and this is how we can also silence His voice:

Do ONE LESSON a day so that (like medicines or antibiotics) each of Your principles has time to do what it should do:

  • Too many lessons at once is not only NOT good, but can actually cause you to lose benefits.
  • Waiting too long in the middle is also harmful because it allows the ways of the world to enter your mind and heart again.

So I encourage you to follow His lead and rest in His care, He knows how much food each of us needs according to our age, height, and body weight both spiritually and physically!


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11 thoughts on “Entertainment excess”

  1. My dear, thank you for sharing!!!! This honeymoon is just an opportunity to go back and re-read every principle!!! I am happy because I have been able to re do my PM lessons, the ones that my journals were lost!! And because He is the best always, the lessons I am doing are the ones that I really need it!!! We need time alone with Him!!

  2. I do feel like I have had a lot of excess entertainment lately. Even if it is good, I think I should listen and soak in one lesson, book, or bible study a week. I have been going through multiple in one day. Thanks for the reminder. I do need some one on one time with Him.

  3. Dear Anastasia, thank you so much for sharing. Thanks to you I read the chapter again and this is in my heart: sweet brides, could you please share how to learn to hear Him? how to know that it is Him and not our own thoughts? I still struggle sometimes with this and there can be some more brides who have also problem with it. thank you so much πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Annissa l believe that this is something we all struggle with.. Yvonne once told me that she sits in silence with Him to hear Him πŸ™ l have found that when l meditate on scripture and memorize scripture that when I’m faced with a situation or trial or how to deal with something He brings a scripture to mind.

      A lot of the time l hear Him speak to me thru a devotion or a lesson like He spoke to Anastasia.. when I’m reading the Bible… because l feel a quickening or an excitement in my heart..

      So l believe a lot of hearing Him and not our own thoughts is meditating on His word so that His word is what is rooted in our hearts bringing us peace..

      These is what l have to share but I’m sure the other brides will share their experiences with you too πŸ’Ÿ

    2. My dear, I agree with Atarah, I have heard His voice when He reminds me of His word at certain specific times and I feel a light go on in my mind. Other times it is like he says something that does seem to be my voice but if and only if it is consistent with His will and what He tells me in the Bible then I confirm that it comes from Him. He has many ways of communicating, sometimes He has spoken to me in dreams (Job 33:14-15) and I also know that it comes from Him when He reveals to me what the dream means with the Scriptures, in general, if He uses something like a person or situation He confirms it with the Bible. Also, as Atarah said, I feel that emotion and the feeling that I know that I know it is Him. It is a unique feeling for me. It is not always the same, but the truth is that whatever you hear must be consistent with the Bible, otherwise it is not from Him.

  4. I recently learned the same thing Anastasia. I do not turn on the music when I’m driving, no music when I’m getting ready, because I would rather be still and quiet so that I can speak to Him and He can speak to me. I will listen to a podcast or lesson and then just meditate on it as much as I need to and let Him minister to me in the quietness. I want to be able to hear His still small voice and I can’t do that when there’s too much noise or too many things going on around me. This really has made me enjoy the quiet times and the extra time spent with Him! Thank you for sharing this Anastasia!

  5. Thank you Anastasia, it is so easy to get entertainment overload from social media, and it can become difficult to limit it. I prefer to drive in silence when I am alone and only talk to Him, and I look forward to that! When I am alone at home I do not switch radio’s or TVs on (I have a TV but its not connected to anything) because it distract me from talking to my Husband, when I am getting ready, cooking and cleaning. What I love to do when I clean is to switch the Bible app audio on and listening to it makes cleaning enjoyable! When my children are with me over weekends, we do watch movies and then we will listen to music etc., but that is enough for me:), during the week I need my quiet time with my Husband.

  6. Sweet Anastasia, I am so happy you are getting back to the place you once shared with me you were missing, which is that time alone with him. As you said, there is so much noise around us already and then what we choose as entertainment that distract us from that connection with Him. In the past years I was becoming busier and busier loosing that time with Him and when I surrender it to Him, he came back with a beautiful proposal that I am still enjoying very much. He helped me to have my own tropical garden and we both take care of it, so when we do it we are speaking to each other. Meaning that if I am watering the ferns and flowers, we are talking about my many things going on and He is reminding me of principles to follow or giving me the promises.
    Same thing happens when I go to swim, because I am on my own under water but I am always talking to him in my mind and sometimes He is listening to me silently and some other times He brings to my spirit the answer in ways that I could never imagined possible. It is really important to have quiet and silent moment to share with Him and stay close to Him.


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