Everything Can Return to the Right Place in your Life

Look, I sincerely do not have the words to thank you for the life I now have! When I came here I had nothing, nothing to pay for help, no money, no time, because my marriage was running on borrowed time! And then you rescued me, He rescued me in a supernatural way.

Today I live the fullness of God, you led me and taught me how to be a wise woman, virtuous, wise, silent.

Thank you, princesses of the LORD, for this beautiful work you’ve created for us, done with so much love and effectiveness.

Beloved, all that Erin speaks here happens, you just need to obey. I would be in the same state, abandoned, broken, searching, desperate.

Believe that your HH will give you strength and understanding for the changes to take place. Read the books, the lessons, pour out your heart into your journals. Watch the videos over and over, because all this material is very important for what God wants to do in your life.

I LOVE THIS MINISTRY! God bless you all!!

When I arrived here it was very difficult, my husband pastors a large denomination, and without many reasons, one day he just asked for a divorce. He simply said he did not love me anymore, did not want to be close to me. And this was only after we had been married for twenty months, not even two years.

It was horribly sad what I experienced during this period. I found no help within our congregation, so while searching the internet, asking God where to go, up pops the book How God Can and Will Restore My Marriage. I bought the book, then in it, I found this ministry. Immediately the Lord told me to begin doing all the courses, right up through the Abundant Life courses. Through this, the word of God began to utterly transform my life and my marriage. I was transformed and consequently, so was my marriage, along with my husband!

My Lord, my Heavenly Husband, who knows me even with closed lips, seeing my heart that bursts out of gratitude to You. I want to thank You for everything You have done in my life. I am eternally grateful that you have saved my marriage. Today I am happy because You, Lord, helped me, and extended Your strong arm to me, shielding me from everything that was coming against me.

In tears of joy, I want you to know that your peace will come when you begin to serve the LORD, not only for your deeds, but by loving Him for whom HE is—our Husband!

Beloved women of the LORD, I want to start by saying that we often think we are right, that we are always right, that we are perfect, but the truth is, we are not. If you arrived here it’s because God wants to deal with you first and through you, you will save your family. I want to tell you that nothing is impossible for Him, just as Erin reminds us. If you have been rejected (as I had been), forsaken and even very humiliated, or even if you do not love your spouse anymore, God can do a miracle and everything can return to the right place in your life.

Be obedient to God, speak less and listen more. He will give you all the paths that will lead you on that right path that is not easy but the one where there is a victory at the end of it.

Be blessed, feel loved and happy because your journey with your HH begins here. You will pass through difficult roads full of rocks and stones, but you will also walk through green pastures where you can lie down and rest. But the most important is that during your journey you will have best company, the best Companion, the Lord! I love you all and I am now allowing God to use me in our church to teach women how to be wise and not tear their houses down as I did.

The encouragement I wished I had received when I started my Restoration Journey would be to “Be wise by being submissive to the LORD and His principles!”