Everything else is Worthless

The transition from church to spending time with Him began when we moved far away from our local church. Scripture shares about how we are the church —so instead of being spoon-fed by someone else once a week, I began feeding myself daily by reading through the Bible using the Bible app.

It was the best experience I hope that every bride and family can experience. My relationship with the Lord changed forever and I couldn't help but share what I had read and listened to in the Bible with everyone I talked to that day. Many of my siblings began experiencing the same thing, remembering how we used to do it as a family and how great the experience is now that we're grown.

It was hard in the beginning to be alone without the fellowship, but after time I became so comfortable and content with Him that I no longer felt that way. I am more than content to go out and enjoy a coffee or walk alone, happy and content. Several years later, I now enjoy fellowshipping again when He opens the door but will never desire it over my one on one time with Him.

My "turning point" was when I actually began enjoying these times with Him was when I completely surrendered My will and desired His will!! I simply asked what we would do that day, and each time He surprises me with something I'd never imagine.

Each Sunday is different, one of the ways I like to spend my Sunday is a relaxing drive out to see my sister-in-law. She is one of the people whom I adore talking about the Lord with. She's so full of personality and makes me laugh. She and I have been best friends since the day I prayed for it. Before my brother got married or set his eyes upon his wife, I told the Lord I wanted to be close with his future wife. The words, "You're my best friend" came from HER first!!!! I about died with happiness. So if you're without a friend or in need of fellowship—ask Him. Don't go looking and don't become impatient, it's worth the wait believe me.

The last "church" visit we watched an interesting documentary about Israel and how it's broken into several sections: The Christian quarter, Muslim quarter, Armenian quarter, Jewish quarter and Dome of the Rock. Did not know this?! Neither of us had, but He led us to find this and talk about it becoming so excited by it all. Also, we never ever try to do something "religious" with our Sunday's. Sometimes we simply go for a walk and chat but He is always in the center and we bring Him up throughout the conversation because He's there with us. (Matthew 18:19-20) This is what being part of Restoration Fellowship means.

Lastly, I recently began volunteering for a local church plant, not for the sermons as I'm spiritually fed here by all of you, but as a means to serve, connect and just fellowship!! Just as the courses encourage you to fast FB and return with a Purpose to help others — I too fasted any involvement for many years—until May of last year during my travels with Sara for the ministry as you may have followed on Instagram! In three of the countries where we met with His Brides, we also got to visit Hillsong to enjoy great fellowship with the Scottish, British and Australians!!

My HH and I have a love song. And the name of our Love Song is:

All I Ask Of You

Here are some of the lyrics I would like to share with you:

Anywhere you go, let me go too

[Tara], that's all I ask of you

Dear radiant bride, don't be afraid to embrace Him and let go of everything else.

As the verse goes "...And if you extract the precious from the worthless, You will become My spokes[wo]man." Jeremiah 15:19 He alone is precious and everything else is worthless.

~ Tara
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