I was looking to earn a commission % on the sale of each land. It turns out that the owner of the land has a daughter who works for a government agency and told me that she would provide WHAT I NEEDED so I would have an initial room and a bathroom. Since before the earthquake, I had to vacate the apartment where I lived out of obedience. My only option was to live in my work, leave what little I had (material) and sleep in one of the offices. I made my life as I could, thanking God, then I remembered that I had lived very similar situations without knowing how to get out and realized I was fighting against God back then.

When I was in the office, an earthquake happened hahaha and I kept laughing, looking at everything and praising God, and saying: “I was homeless and now this ha ha ha. It was something that I could not understand humanly but I did not react as before, so I thought about a land that I had bought, and due to the adversities, the construction has been slow. But I told God that I wanted a very large land to house women and I promised God that He would reside there forever and I would name it “Shaday Ranch.” Then during the earthquake, I lived with women and it came to my mind to produce Piñatas one by one, since I was producing them in my old job that I had to let go of. But I have a clear mind that the broken women needed to occupy their minds in activities that would lead them to worship God since many do not have a trade and many have been abandoned without having a job, and suddenly I said: “My beloved, provide me with a place and materials, help me and organize me to carry out this work and suddenly it happened 10 months later and I was shocked by God’s response to my request!

A huge store for the Glory of God because he knows that I am dedicated to Him day and night to serve Him with all my heart, and I love being in the Prayer Group with my beloved friends beautiful Ziva and precious girl Paola who are my companions in this road we have undertaken and with the support of our tutor Lota And it does not bother me today to have left everything (LITERALLY) my children the house where I lived the brothers and sisters of the local church, I will still leave this land in which I live to go where my beloved calls me. I have left everything and I am happy!

That’s why I love You my beloved, that’s why I praise you and I say day by day that you are the only thing that I need that you are all for me that I do not need anything more than you, that I am crazy and love sick for You, onlyYou and I know what we feel, I thankYou for everything you have done and everythingYou will do because I know you will continue doing the best for me but You know that what I most want is to be by your side between your arms and full of your protection and love because with that I do not need anything else, onlyYou know what I need you know my home condition,You know that I love my children that you gave this land of the living and that I would like to be with them and share with them the joy to see them walking in the truth, maybe before I askedYou for a lot of money for my projects now I know that my projects come fromYou andYou are the one who will provide and show it to me. I love You, You are the best, there is no one like You, there is nothing that compares with Your greatness and Your wonders. You are God

Women have asked me why I have so much hope and patience and this allows me to show them that the tribulations are the ones that produce that patience that tests the character and that helps us to have hope and that is why I encourage you so much that if you came to this page of RMI to have the hope to see that I arrived with the same feeling and for the same reasons like most of you and today MY LIFE IS ANOTHER if there can be salvation in the midst of pain

In RMI I found the love that changed my life forever.

~ Tamar in Mexico

Ministry Note: Many women on the Spanish Team have taken what they learned, added their own testimonies of what God did and is doing in their lives, and starting their own ministries as the Lord leads them! From FaceBook ministries (using a BNN), to YouTube ministry like RBG, and even another who’s created a new app to have access to the RYM book in Spanish. And now setting out to providing jobs to broken women—where I know Tamar will continually be feeding them encouragement and truths to help them heal and know their HH as she does!

God wants desperately to USE you, just open your heart and ASK.

2 Timothy 2:20-22—
“Now in a large house there are not only gold and silver vessels, but also vessels of wood and of earthenware, and some to honor and some to dishonor. Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from these things, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work….pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.”