Exceed your Expectations

Dear Brides - nothing is better than realizing how much you are loved by our wonderful LORD, (HH). His greatest desire is for us to draw close to HIM, so we can experience the amazing joy and peace HE wants to provide us with.

Over the past week or so, I am spending more time with the LORD than ever. It's awesome. I wake up talking to Him. Even in the middle of the night, I speak to HIM all day long. I praise and worship Him and tell Him how much I desire my will to perfectly align with His will for my life. I know how much He loves me and desires to be my ALL. This is a great comfort and shift from praying constantly for my marriage restoration and my EH. I now pray for HIS will. It's really a peacemaker!

Last night, my closest friend (Christian) called in turmoil over how her husband was treating her while they were on vacation. I bought her the RYM book and it's transformed her thinking, but last night, was a tough one. We prayed together, but the Lord led me to share specific principles of sin in my own life, whereby I had put my daughter before my EH and would often ignore his requests regarding her. This was the common theme in their marriage. I shared that she needs to pray and ask the Lord how she is contributing to her EH feeling so much disrespect and that the enemy knows our weaknesses, especially the feeling of pride in us - which often looks different in women than men. I told her to have a quiet and contrite spirit and that she didn't need to "share" why she was right and he was mistreating her. God is so good, and it felt wonderful to help my friend whom I love. It's amazing to be used by HIM, and it encouraged my own faith.

I want to continue to read my Bible and Erin's teachings which strengthen my faith and live a life of joy. The Lord knows my heart, and He knows that I desire this very much. My obedience to HIM is all I want, and I know as I draw closer to Him, He will draw closer to me. Specifically, I always want to be close to HIM so I can always hear that "whisper". I never want to miss His voice and go back to the noise!

I've been worried about the health of my daughter. She returned from a school trip to Peru last week, and she's been very ill. Her stomach is a mess. I've prayed and asked the Lord to heal her and to remove the constant worry in my heart for her. She and I are very close because, as I've been a single mom most all of her life until I met EH 6 years ago. He was the only father she's really had. I do pray for their healing - healing of the hearts, as it says in Malachi.

“‘For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, but My lovingkindness will not be removed from you, and My covenant of peace will not be shaken,’ says the Lord who has compassion on you.” Isaiah 54:10.

I believe through everything God is there to walk with us and give us comfort and peace if we go to HIM.

Let’s pray and please pray about what is on your heart: Dear Lord - you know my greatest desire is to draw close to you. I know you will never let me down. I want to feel that joy unspeakable that others have written about. I am excited about what lies ahead. You have already healed my heart so very much, I feel no anger at all toward EH, and haven't for quite some time. It's a miracle, and I believe there will be many more miracles to come. I love you Lord with all my heart, spirit and soul. Please continue to give me greater wisdom each and every day.

Dear Brides - I have learned in Chapter 2 "Finding Your Life" to move forward with the Lord and be thankful in ALL things, regardless of how I feel or what things look like. The LORD is always there to comfort us, to LOVE us in such a way that that will never disappoint or fall short. HIS love will always exceed your expectations.

This book will provide you with the peace and joy that you've been looking for all your life - grab a copy today and get started with your new life, your new amazing life!!

~ Mary in California

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