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Hello ladies, this week my Heavenly Husband told me about the entertainment in the lives of women and how it came to be an idol for some of them. I praise the Lord because He used a comment from one of the ladies who see my YouTube videos, who commented in one of my praise reports in audio about this topic. He confirmed the topic for the podcast through this comment and led me to record a podcast as an answer for her. After she listened to the podcast she wrote:

"thank you dear Anastasia, for your time and the space that you dedicate to me, it's true, you know I got bored of following the Turkish series, and I want to start again, I stopped praying for my earthly husband, I don't want it like before, because I'm so discouraged I've been waiting for so long to see a light but I don't see anything... I needed so much to be transformed that it overwhelms me, what do you advise me, where do I start... thank you for being there, stay tuned ☺️"

PTL!! He is amazing!! He showed her the way and turned back her heart to restart to find an abundant life with Him!

πŸŽ™οΈ Podcast "Transformation of God | god entertainment”

On the other hand, I want to share the beautiful podcast from Perla about the lesson "Give" from Finding the Abundant Life book. I love the way He is leading our ministry!!


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    1. Thanks for your comment, my dear! Definitely He is changing lives using RMI in all languages!!

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