Finally Living the Life He Gave Me

Dear Brides, problems will always surround us, not only our own but from family, friends...but when we choose to give it to Him, the One who has the power and wisdom to deal with it all, then we can find joy and peace.

The Lord showed me in Chapter 12 "Every Encumbrance" that I'm not responsible for other people's sins and that I don't need to solve other people's problems.

That is so interesting, I just spent my time with Him, and this is what I prayed for: to help me not to give my opinion about the difficulties in other people's lives.

He is the one who will show them and lead them in His way. And sometimes, He allows things to happen so that people will finally surrender to Him, being in the way will just rob a blessing from someone else and my joy in Him.

“Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners…” (Psalm 1:1 ESV).

Well, I believe that I can't solve the problems of others. I was caught up in the midst of some family matters, where people were calling me to solve and talk with my aunt that truly is having a difficult season because she won't repent and seek Him. I was so burned out because I know that she needs Him and only Him. I can't do anything for her, just give her to Him. So the last time people called me to talk about her, I just said that I can't do anything to help, even hearing about it brings so much heaviness in my heart.

I can't make decisions for her, but I know that He will bring her to Him, in His own time. After that, I began feeling lighter, when I laid down this burden.

I want to show the same love and patience that He showed me when I went away. Nobody forced me to be back, but He allowed for bad things to happen in my life so I could finally turn to Him. He gave me the answers that I needed, He showed me His truth, and just as He did for me, I also want it for others. That they can find Him, not by force, but because they need and long for Him.

Matthew 13:20, “The one on whom seed was sown on the rocky places, this is the man who hears the word and immediately receives it with joy; yet he has no firm root in himself, but is only temporary…”

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? Let’s pray together also thanking Him:  Lord, forgive me for being in the middle of what you are doing in the lives of others. Forgive me for being proud and thinking that I know all the answers and what they need, when I even don't know what I need. Lord, thank you for showing me my sins and for leading me to you. I am so grateful that you're the one that solves all the problems, and that I can trust you to provide to all of us and to guide others in your way. It's so good to give you my burdens, and that I don't need to carry more than it. I want to ask you to help me to be a good listener, but not to give any advice, to trust that you will show them what to do, as You always do with me. It such a joy to be able to hear you, and I want others to have the same, so please Lord don't let me be in their way. Give me the wisdom to know when it's time to talk and time to be silent. Thank you so much for your love and grace.

Dear Brides, this Chapter 12 "Every Encumbrance" was just a confirmation of what I asked Him during the morning. It’s usually what the Abundant Series does, it will speak with us during something that we are going through at that moment. It always amazes me!!!
I believe that Living the Abundant Life shows us a particular sin or even situation in our lives that we are not aware of or we are neglecting. The interesting thing is that all of us is going through a very similar situation. This book encourages me to lay so many things at His feet and finally live the life He gave me.

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