Fire that is Dying Inside Me

Dear brides of the Lord, the first time I read this Chapter 2 "Finding Your Life", I was so afraid of what I still had to lose I regret having opened this book. The author tells how she lost her husband, lost the reputation it enjoyed. So I wondered, Lord, what will I still lose? The enemy has played well with my mind for quite a while; He bombarded me with lies. But the truth is what we all need, it is Jesus, the One who can fill us is Him. We can lose everything: divorce, unemployment, illness, infertility, death of loved ones ... but when we have peace of Jesus, when we rest on Him, we are saved.

I have struggled to find my life... Because all these things never satisfied me. I wanted to receive the money that the state owed me, I received it yesterday. I want a better relationship with my brothers, my father, my colleagues, and my students. I want to have prayer friends. I would love to make my father proud of me. I want to love everyone that I still find difficult to bear. I want more wisdom, more peace, more grace. I want to shine the light that comes from You. I want to be in perfect health. I would like to lose weight, to dress more elegantly. I want to get married, have children, a nice house (no dogs, because they scare me). I want a car. I wish, I wish... But I know all these things once obtained, will not satisfy me !!! This life that I want could never fill me EVER !!!

The life that I have lived has not really helped me over the last thirty years. You are the One that I miss. Jesus, I know I love you, I know my life is empty and meaningless if you're not there.

If I do not die to myself if the seed planted in me by You will not grow if it does not overflow from my heart to touch hurting women, how can I expect a harvest? Actually, yes Lord Jesus, I have the life I want because I know You, I have the life I want because I know what it is that abundant life. I have a wonderful life I've always dreamed of because I know what you're capable of when I am guided by faith. But it is a fire that is dying inside me because it is not shared. As I know myself, and as you know me, we both know the truth. Yes, I suffer many things, but You gave me victory, You are my victory, You are my solid rock, my support, my unwavering and unconditional rock.

My understanding again is that God deals with me according to my faith. I see gradually how the things that I believed Him for are fulfilled. The meditation this morning gives me the courage to move forward. I must not stop expecting great things, wanting the best because I have no idea of ​​the extent of the gifts of my Heavenly Father. I have no idea of ​​the destination to which he wants to lead me. Joash got only one chance to shoot his arrows. With Jesus Christ, I am entitled to an incredible number of new beginnings, His Love will never depart from me regardless of whether the mountains are shaking or the earth trembles. Thanks to the love of God manifested in Jesus Christ, I have the blessing that Joash did not have to rectify my shots and increase them. I would like this morning to bless you, Veronica, wherever you are. Reading your encouragement inspired me on how I can continue to work on the Facebook page, I believe it can help many people. Thank you very much, Lord Jesus, for his life and thank you because I have a new purpose in life, a new reason to wake up every morning. I pray you to give me the courage to plow on relentlessly, with faith, to hope for a harvest.

I am a teacher and there are things that I understood only when I started teaching them to my students. There are things that I must always learn. The Word of God that I receive every day and that remains in my heart evaporates quickly because I do not speak about it. I know I will understand it better by sharing it every day. First with those people who are looking for hope online and then with the ones I know God will physically send on my way when I'm ready.

Pray as He leads you dear Bride: Lord Jesus, I would like to thank You for this new vision that you grant me this morning. I did not know how to continue, I had no idea what I could do. Thank you for these new goals that you give me in my life. I will have to plow my field with fervor and courage. I need to learn to share in all things and with everyone. I am selfish, I must admit, I am deeply selfish. I continue to choose those with whom I have to share. May this FB page Lord Jesus, be a space of sharing. May I retain nothing for myself, may I not retain Your kindness for me. May I unearth the talent you have entrusted to me and accept to grow it, so that it brings in 10 more. If you agree to touch even 10 people through me, I will be so happy Jesus. May my life serve a little bit for Your Glory Lord Jesus and for the salvation of some souls. Amen

One of the things that got my attention in this Chapter 2 "Finding Your Life" is the fact that the author says she has only one desire now and that is to share the love of the Christ she received so freely. She says in this chapter that she wants to raise as many brides as possible to the Lord. Um, it makes me think. I am so possessive and so selfish. I have the unfortunate tendency to keep good and precious for myself. It's completely stupid I know it. By doing so I kill the Word of God in me. You love us all. Who am I to keep in myself and for myself all the good things that He allows me to obtain?

Dear brides of the Lord, This Chapter 2 "Finding Your Life" describes the condition for achieving the abundant life: accept losing what one has, the things to which we cling. For "He that findeth his life shall lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake shall find it." Matthew 10: 39. If we continue to cling to what we have, what we want, it will be very difficult to accept the life that God wants for us.

The Lord allowed me to discover this book after I have begged several times to help me live the life He wants for me. "Finding the Abundant Life" is a strategic roadmap for all those who aspire to enjoy this life that God offers us.

~ Breona in Cameroon
French Translator

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