FLM: RMI’s Spanish Español Ministry “No Longer Abandoned”

I’m so excited to share a few Praise Reports from women in my Ministry. First, I want to share with you a woman who shared with us the miracle power of His Word to us when we seek Him. When we are weak His Word makes us strong and renews us to keep walking with Him on this journey.

Usually, during my fasting days, I cry a lot and I now understand that it is because my Beloved allows me to cleanse myself through tears and to heal my heart little by little, because if there are days when the pain is so intense that I would not like to continue. But today He has given me this wonderful promise and with it He encourages me to keep going, not to give up, because many times I have asked Him and I will continue to ask Him, that he may have everything and I am willing to lose it all as long as I gain Him and that greater joy if I find Him as my HH, as my everything, as my true reason to live, to exist and to serve in this world, knowing that this journey of restoration has a primary reason and it is Him.

Isaiah 62: “When God saves you, you will shine like the sun at dawn … They will no longer say to Jerusalem:” Abandoned city “, but:” The favorite of God “, nor to the land of Israel:” Country in ruins “, but:” The wife of Him. “Because our HH will marry her as a young man marries his bride, God will rebuild her and live happily with her, as the Husband happily lives with his wife … Those who worship God, do not remain silent, do not give God a minute’s rest until He rebuilds Jerusalem and makes it a famous city.”

What a wonderful and restorative promise for a broken heart. Know that thanks to His love and His mercies we will be called The favorite of God and no longer abandoned and that He will take us as His wives and with Him we will live happily and we will be restored. He also reminded me that I should not give a minute of rest to my Beloved, that is, I should pray unceasingly as His word teaches until He carries out the restoration of my life on the Rock.

~ Pam in Guatemala

Dear Partners, I want to thank you so much and I know sometimes it may be repetitive but I wanted to share something special. You may think that your financial help is only here in helping with courses, but the seed you are planting spreads so much more!!

These materials that you help offer online are studied by so many women and men, but the beautiful thing is it does not end there. I am amazed at how much of the teaching from RMI is being spread to women and men that have never even visited the site or even have a computer. If you are tithing to your storehouse, be sure to join as one of our partners and be part of what God is doing around the world in the lives of so many women like Pam. Give Hope for so many in need because of you!!!

Here’s What’s New!

Such exciting news about our Spanish books’ distribution!

We have sent books to Mexico, Colombia, and Nicaragua. Next week I am sending 2 boxes to Venezuela.

The most exciting is in the month of June I will be traveling to Costa Rica and personally bringing 2 boxes for the women there. This trip I will be writing a PR soon because it was all my beloved HH!

We have faithful women in each of these countries that are doing the labor of distributing the orders within.


SOW and REAP a Harvest

In previous blogs, we shared how we began offering students who just completed a free course, the opportunity to Thank the Ministry Team and our partners by helping to send RYM books to poor Latin Countries.

Even if you haven’t just completed a course, you can also GIVE.

Here is a thank you note from Meli in Colombia who is now helping us with our PR selection:

“Thank you! God knows that I am grateful for this ministry, where I have found consolation, I thank God for their lives, because they are instruments chosen by God, to help women like me who do not know the Lord and who we know through you, of your love God will continue to bless you greatly, truly the Lord be with you throughout all your lives.”

Here is another Thank you from Jen in the Dominican Republic who is now part of our Spanish Prayer Team:

“Friends from RMIEW, I want to take this opportunity to thank the immense gift that has been for me. the Courses have been of great value to me.

This course has led me to open my eyes to the reality of my position as a Woman, Mother, and Wife (both of my earthly husband and of my heavenly husband).”

Let’s continue giving these wonderful materials to so many other women who need, want and deserve to live this experience on the way to their Restoration !!!

My Love my heart melts at Your mightiness and how You reveal yourself to all these women!! Thank you for Your Love and faithfulness to each of us.

Do you feel unworthy or incapable of being used by God to minister? Trust me He can use you by just letting Him know you are willing. 2 Timothy 2:20-22. As I said above with the materials branching out into the world. I encourage each of you to SG on how you can spread the seed that has been giving to you so you can be a light of hope to those in need!!

~ Lota in Puerto Rico

Restored after going THROUGH the Fire!

RMI’s Spanish Español Minister

*Important Update*

Our annual Women’s Retreat in Nicaragua has been canceled. Please take a moment to read this heartbreaking announcement.

*Exciting PRAISE and MORE Encouragement*

Yvonne shared in one of our RMI Board of Directors meeting that she was reading the other 2 Encourager blogs each morning, using a translator on her phone. This led to us discovering a way to add a translator to all 3 of our Encourager blogs so any language can now read and be encouraged each morning.

Set up 2 more Encourager apps with these languages:

Spanish El Animator

Portuguese Encorajamento Diário