FLM Spanish: “EH Took it very Calmly”

Dear Partners,

This month I have another amazing testimony of one of our Spanish members whose life has been touched and who greatly appreciate all the resources you have made possible with your financial support. She had tried for restoration for many years on her own, but finding RMI says her true restoration came to pass with Jesus as her Heavenly Husband. How your seed has transformed her and she now shares with many all the materials offered here blessing women!!

Here are just a few Praise Reports within my Ministry

Maria wanted to share this specific PR because even though this was before coming to RMI she wanted to share her HH’s faithfulness to hear her prayers.

Since I know that I believed a God of the impossible, I knew that this was a reality, there were prayers that were answered His way, and He is who did it. And this is one of those in which I clearly and definitely could see that it was God who was in the middle of it. Well, you see: this goes back to 11 years ago when I was still working outside the home. My EH and I had opposite shifts, he worked at night (10pm to 6am to be exact), and I worked 6:30am to 3pm. And at the arrival of my daughter, my EH asked me to stop working to dedicate myself to the care of my little girl, and those who work will *understand*, I used several excuses not to do it:

First (according to me) I did not want to be at home and have to limit myself to silence so that my EH could rest (do not forget that he slept during the day) and not only that, but I feared that the crying or the noise that my daughter would make would wake him up.

Second: I thought I would lose the benefits that the hospital gave me, I thought they were very good.

Third, I would miss the check.

Fourth: I did not want to be at home and have to put up with his bad mood. In fact I had asked him to look for a better shift before I left, which was irritating for him.

Then, going back to when he asks me to stop working, a weekend, some relatives would fly from another state to visit, and we would meet at a mid-point with the rest of the family. Well on this trip I was very tense, I tried not to do anything that irritated him, bothered him, being careful while driving and at the same time making sure that our girl was well. There was a time when I couldn’t anymore and I decided to turn the wheel and drive back home, when he realizes, he asks me: what are you doing?

I said, “I am going to the house, we do not have to go, it’s my family and you do not have to go, or at least not like that, I’m tired of always having to make others believe that everything is fine between us when it’s not like that and that you just spend it sleeping all the time. I’m tired of your attitude, I can not handle this situation anymore so you look for another shift or … I do not know what’s going to happen,” I answered. He looked at me fixedly and at last, he said: “wait, return to where we were going and I promise that I will do my best, but we are going to visit the family.”

For this moment I did not say a word, I leaned on the wheel, breathed deeply and from the bottom of my heart I cried: Lord, I can not do it anymore, do what you have to do, but get a better work shift for my husband, and I (giving God conditions) then I’ll stop working. I leave this matter in your hands. That was it.

Upon returning, my department had the month meeting and changes occurred. Changes that at first, I did not like. One of them was that now I would have to work some weekends, I complained, I told them I could not, that I needed the weekend for my family and Sunday to go to church, but the answer was that, everyone in my department will take turns. At that moment I remembered what I had asked of God in my desperate prayer.

Maybe this is what He wants. And right there I told my supervisor that I was giving my resignation. I communicated it to my EH and he took it very calmly. The phone rings, after talking to someone comes sad, worried and my husband tells me that they called him to tell him not to go to work that night and to show up the next morning that was Monday. My reaction was calm, collective and I said with a smile “God has answered me”, he looked at me astonished and finally said: “I would not be so calm.” I said, “you are looking for human logic and this is not the case, this came from above, pointing my finger at the sky.” “Well, I have to admit that God is listening to you, so you need to be careful what you ask for,” he said.

This was one of those times where clearly not only I, but my EH also had to admit it. And since his job was just trying it out, after a few weeks they asked him if they hired people so that he could have his own group again, would be willing to stay permanently in the day shift from 6am to 3pm?

When he told me, I was so excited that I just said: “You said yes, right?”

Not even one day I had to be at home trying to keep quiet so that my EH could sleep, and at the end of my two weeks of notice of resignation, even on the last day, they asked me, are you sure? Yes, God has never abandoned me, when I half believed him, I thought, I’m sure he will not do it now that I’m leaving everything in his hands, and it’s been 10 years since I left that job. And to this day, he has been faithful and if someone had a doubt, I would say, who else but God? It is important to mention that my EH is a great man, he is super talented and he has earned the respect and trust of his superiors and today occupies another position of greater responsibility and therefore better remunerated. Only glory to God!

Here’s What’s New!

Maria shares how she now spreads the seeds planted in her from RMI to others.

In visiting the web page AYUDA MATRIMONIAL, I filled out the questionnaire and started the free course of 30 days and little by little the Lord gave me peace, he showed me how I contributed to the destruction of my home and I accepted it (in fact since I heard the book in audio). I was feeling so hungry to know more, so much that, it was my daily bread, I began to comfort others with the same comfort that I had been given, with women, inviting them to my home, they came for a while, but when they had not hit rock bottom or their EH is still at home many believe that the marriage has been restored and is out of danger, and then stopped attending.

A short time later I joined a group “Praying In Agreement”, which I found on YouTube, (there were 3 or 4 members only) the invitation was to join to pray for marriages, which in fact we pray every day at the same time, first for God to transform us, for God to return the hearts of our loved ones and for others, and honestly that was my reason too, but to see and hear the way these women expressed themselves, full of pain,I identified with them so much that it hurt me also. Well, I encouraged them by telling them “fall in love with the Lord, fall in love with the Lord”, I told them again and again every day, I recommended that they visit the website AYUDA MATRIMONIAL and well nothing happened, the chaos continued and it did not seem that anyone would listen to my words.

The Lord began to put that burden on me of wanting to share what the Lord had given me from His grace, I realized that God had given me the peace that surpasses all understanding because I was not affected so much by my situation and well I spoke with the founder of the group and she loved the idea, so I asked the Lord to equip me and give me the courage to do it if that was what he wanted, because I knew that I was still in process and that I would meet women in different cultural levels than mine and many things went through my head, surely the enemy did not want me to do it.

Well, today after a little more than three months of sharing almost every day the audiobook of How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage and sharing with them at the same time how it helped me and how I applied the principles. I also share the devotionals I receive from AYUDA MATRIMONIAL every day at the same time my faith has been strengthened, today I know it was worth sharing because although I am still on my RJ, I know that God in His time that is perfect, He will fulfill the promise He gave me the day everything came to light, He asked me not to fear, because He was with me, not to be discouraged because He is my God who gives me strength and helps me and who will always support me with the right hand of His justice, He said it through Isaiah 41:10.

Today I can see that it was worth not waiting to have been completely Restored to open my mouth and tell them that there is hope because I was the only one who had reached “the peace that surpasses all understanding.” The group continues to grow (Today we are an average of 140 women) and although we know that not everyone who starts the race finishes it, many have not wanted to pay the price of believing, obeying and waiting, and have retired, but I say it was worth it because In such a short time I can see how several women have learned to take their eyes off their circumstances.

Next Sunday Maria will share with you how her HH has transformed her and given her new life!