FLM Spanish: Maria “Had to Take a 360-degree Turn”

As Promised THIS Sunday Maria will share with you how her HH has transformed her and given her new life!

In September 2016, when I hit rock bottom and I recognized that I could not do it anymore and after doing what I “believed” I wanted and that although I did some good things, inside my ignorance and desire to rescue my home, after reading so many books of Psychologists and Christian counselors, who at the time seemed very good to me, and I put into practice some of the recommendations, but unfortunately, no book or person impacted me more than the book How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage did.

AYUDA MATRIMONIAL made a big impact on me. By admitting how I contributed to the destruction of my home, I had to take a 360-degree turn and decided to believe in God that in the impossible he specializes. When I arrived at this ministry I had already struggled for about four years. I read several books, I applied some changes they recommended and well, nothing worked and tired, one morning something happened to which I was not ready and I ran my EH away. I made a superhuman effort so that my daughter did not see me cry, I just could not help it, there were sleepless nights, days without eating, and I took refuge in God as I knew, I was really exhausted, tired, sad, broken.

Today, one year after finding AYUDA MATRIMONIAL, I know that my happiness does not depend on my EH, I know that God is everything I want and need and if I live it is for Him. Today I am more than sure that he continues to polish me and will fulfill his promise to support me with the right hand of his justice and my face will not be ashamed because I have given him everything and that there is nothing that can take from his hands what has been given to him and I gave him everything. I have taken refuge in his promises and today I am still waiting for him to finish the good work that he started in us. My EH is still responsible for our home with everything, I did as recommended by our beloved Erin and I settled accounts with him as soon as I could and during this time walls have been demolished and my EH is now confident to tell me some things that I did not know, and that shows me what areas I should pray for, he keeps coming at least three times a week to sleep and spend time with our daughter and well today I continue taking refuge in the promises of my beloved Heavenly Husband and I know that he will return the heart from my EH to all that is good and will finish the good work that he has begun.

Maria shares her gratitude:

Powerful and Majestic Jesus, really today I have a better understanding of how immense your love for me is. Thank you very much because you took off the blindfold from my eyes that did not allow me to see that I am really the apple of your eyes and that you have me scrupulous in the palm of your hand and that from my mother’s womb you chose me and called me lineage selected. Thank you for uncovering my ears and not allowing me to continue listening to the devil’s lies to continue letting myself be carried away by the current of this century, contaminating me and now I can hear your voice through your word, a praise or a testimony that enhances your name.

Thank you for renewing my mind, because I have been able to recognize that you have not changed and that you made me in your image and likeness, but because of my sin I could not understand how precious you are. Thank you because you have changed my lament in joy because you have given peace to my heart and my mouth today does not tire of saying that up to this point you have helped me and supported me with your powerful right hand. You have given me a heart of flesh, now I feel and it hurts to know how much I made you cry for my rebellion, I understand that you did not give up on me because I had left you and you allowed this desert until I reached bottom, and today I value so much your love that I can thank you for that desert because that’s why I know you now. You have become a reality in my life and you have taught me to see my EH with the eyes of love with which you see him. I feel mercy and it hurts me to see his heart hardened, but as the river you will turn the flow in the direction you want. Truly, this love “hurts”. My eyes fill with tears when I think of the times you cried because I had hardened my heart. Thank you for not giving up on me. Today I understand how high, how deep and how wide your love is for us, so much so that no matter what course we take because of our own opinion, even more so you remain slow to anger and great in mercy .

Thank you for putting your eyes on me and trusting me to repent of my sin and restore me and allow me to be in front of you and be able to bring hope through me by using me as your mouth helping this group bringing conviction that you have plans to restore their lives if they turn to you. I feel so humble when I see that from these four walls you can use me, I really do not know how to thank you only I know that I love you and I need you every moment of my life.Next, please use this space to write a note to the woman who may also feel called to minister. A woman who may feel unworthy or incapable. Let her know that it’s just making herself available. *For you dear sister in Christ.For you that you think you can not, but you want to, for you that you have fallen in love and surrendered completely to your HH and have reached the peace that surpasses all understanding and you identify with the pain of not knowing how to take your eyes off the mountain, of the circumstances and that you want to please your Lord, be obedient, open your mouth and be encouraged to do what God puts in your heart, be the eyes, mouth and feet of your beloved HH and He will equip you with what you need . It will bring you so much joy and peace to see how God can use you even in your worst circumstances because he uses it all for our good, strive and be brave and have the faith of a warrior, God never arrives late and never makes mistakes, he has a purpose for your life. With love and passion for the One who has called and given me peace.

~ Maria