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♕ Today's Promise: “Give, and it will be given to you; a good measure, pressed down, shaken and overflowing, they will give you up your arms. For with what measure you measure, it will be measured out to you.” Luke 6:38

☊ PR Podcast Tiara

Earlier this year, the Lord began taking me back to the tithing lesson. Earlier, I skipped the practice of this principle because I had approached it several times since I was saved and never felt convinced to start doing it. I believed that this does not apply to us anymore and if someone has at heart to donate money to a church or ministry, there are no set rules on how much and how often it should be, what matters is the heart of the donor. However, seeing the teachings of RMI and the many testimonies of this key principle, I prayed that if the Lord wanted me to start tithing, he would change my heart on the subject and give me conviction. It happened. I remember that I did not fully understand how it translates into the spiritual world and everything I read about it, but I wanted to obey it if it is the Lord's will and he says Himself that you can test Him in it.

I adore the Lord that no one has ever cared for me and my needs the way my dear Heavenly Husband did. About the time I started tithing, I had to move out of the apartment I rented myself. Suddenly, after years of waiting, just at the time when I lived there for several months, the owner received a new apartment, and this had to be returned to the city. Although at that time living alone was also a blessing and earlier I did not want to return to my apartment with my mother, as in the first months of my stay in Poland, when I found out that I would have to leave the apartment, I felt a peace overwhelming me, I trusted that apparently the Lord has a different plan. He led me to accept my mother's suggestion and return to my apartment with her and my stepfather which as I heard in Erin’s Be Encouraged, is a common occurrence in our RJ (Restoration Journey). In fact, many blessings came out of it, and the Lord also worked on me through this change that brought with it new challenges and trials.

This time my mother and my stepfather decided that I would not have to pay the rent and other fees for the apartment, which is a great grace. The month I began tithing my RMI storehouse was also the month I met my husband for the first time after seven months with virtually no contact, from which he stopped talking entirely about divorce.

My HH (Heavenly Husband) took care of my other needs as well, such as the fact that I got a lot of very nice clothes; I started getting cosmetics on a regular basis, and the ones I like best, i.e. with a natural composition; I am also blessed many times by my mother or family with the meals they prepare or the homemade products, vegetables and fruits they grow; I also get gifts from my relatives for various occasions. More than once I got as much money as I needed and for what I also wanted. Thanks to the Lord, I have more than I need. Another key principle that the Lord has taught me through RMI is to give, to share all the blessings He has given me and that makes me happy. Before, I most often took than gave, I thought only about myself, my needs and desires.

Going back to tithing, during the coronavirus, when many people were laid off, I got a raise at work. In recent months, due to downtime in my industry, I was also downsized, which is associated with lower earnings, but I am not missing anything. I began to desire more and more to become involved in the RMI service, and thanks to the current situation, I had more time to do so. Recently, I was at work for one day, during a longer vacation, which I also wanted to be off, but I had no consent for it. Once again I saw how there are no coincidences with the Lord and He works even in the smallest details. It was only on that day that I was able to find out and accept the reduction plan for the next months, which would no longer be available after my return from vacation. Seeing this plan, I felt joy and conviction to agree to it, because despite lower earnings, it will give me time to work on the development of the Polish RMI department, the desire that the Lord has put in my heart. This month, when my redundancy starts, comes the first month of my service salary for my work, which I did not expect at all when I started it. My heart is filled with joy and love for my Beloved who is so good to me. I am also glad that due to the prevailing virus, I had the opportunity to go to work from home, which I have been practically most of this year, which was a desire of my heart, which was strengthened after reading the book Housekeeping and other RMI materials that I am learning the biblical role of the woman.

Dear Bride, I encourage you to test the Lord's tithing principle and you will see the breakthroughs in your life.

~ Tiara in Poland
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