Four Men, clearly Drunk Sped Past Us

I have been so excited to write this Praise Report yet if you read what happened you would wonder why I would be excited about something bad that happened to me and my family. That is because I have an opportunity to give my HH Praise!! I have heard that He inhabits our praises.

Psalm 22:3 “But you are holy, you who inhabit the praises of Israel.”

My EH and 2 kids were on our way to our local Spar to purchase a few grocery items that I needed in the home. It was in the evening on a Saturday at month end, so it was quite busy as it is the time people have been paid their salaries. A car that was driving side-by-side in the lane next to us suddenly shot directly into us! I screamed when my EH quickly swerved and we hit the pavement very hard, jerking forward. Shaken, at a snail’s pace we were able to drive into the parking lot of the Spar and get into a parking. In the other car were four men, clearly drunk they sped past us looking but did not stop.

I thank my HH for giving my EH the reflexes to swerve very quickly because if he did not we would have been hit much much harder. Not a hair on our heads was harmed! And only a tyre that needed changing.

Luke 21:19 “But not a hair of your head shall perish.”

After it happened all I could do is say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, my Love!! And tell Him how awesome and wonderful He is to look after me and my family and keep us safe and that we could get home without much of a mishap and how it could have been so much worse if it wasn’t for Him clearly keeping us safe!! He truly is “MY BEST PROTECTION” which is a chapter in the FAL book I read. And He is the BEST PROTECTION for my children and all I hold dear.

I don’t know about you but on social media there are so many posts about child trafficking etc. which is really scary to read and which would make any mother scared and anxious for their kids. Since reading MY BEST PROTECTION FAL I don’t hold that fear because I made a decision to entrust my children to my HH wholeheartedly. I know that for any mother our biggest fear is for our kids but that is when is it so important to surrender them to our HH in faith because He is their Daddy, their Abba Father which is something He showed my daughter one night when we read Romans. My daughter is going for an overnight excursion with her school this month, remembering what the kids got up to when I was her age on excursion I could easily become anxious but I am so glad He is my daughters best protection.

When speaking to my young daughter about the accident she told me that at assembly at school they are given a time to pray and that she always prays for protection. She also said that they sing worship songs and that her principal and many of the teachers are Christian which I find very amazing because what is termed a “Model C” government school here in SA is termed a Christian school by the school. Placing my daughter in this school this year has turned out to be such a blessing! I am also teaching my 3-yr old to pray each evening before he sleeps and one of the things I am teaching him is to pray for His Daddy in heaven to keep us safe. I also started reading a simple Children’s Bible to him and the other night he told me He wants me to read the Jesus and God story. He enjoyed the story of creation and especially when God created the animals and rainbow, so sweet.

I am thankful for Finding the Abundant Life He has given me and now I feel like I am Living the Abundant Life as His Bride and for the many blessings He has showered on me and how precious and cherished I always feel. I am never alone, I never feel fear or if I do it doesn’t last very long… He has satisfied and completed me and taken care of every area of my life and I can only say Thank You, my Love!!

I also want to share a short little praise my EH & kids went to the mall this evening & when we came out our car just wouldn’t start… I prayed for wisdom as my EH poked around in the engine trying to figure out the problem and told Him I would not worry that He would take care of us & take us home and that He was the vine and we the branches and without Him we could do nothing as I was meditating on this scripture today and Viola! He showed my EH what to do & we were on our way home!! Thank you for the new Living Less, Erin,rin He gave me the perfect verse to meditate on today :))

~ Atarah in South Africa

Better for Me Then, than Now

Marriage Evaluation and Restoration Journey Minister

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