Friday #LALBride “For Such a Time As This”

Dear Beautiful Brides,  this has got to be the most excited I’ve ever been to post a PR!! If you know anything about Christians in Turkey, then you’ll appreciate the significance of what we are watching Him doing.  There are 95% Muslims and it is dangerous to be a Christian. Since July, due to the resent threat of sanctions against Turkey U.S. citizens have been urging Christians not to travel to Turkey due to ongoing Christian persecution. Ministries set up to help the persecuted Christians around the world, rate the persecution level as Very High. To learn more about Christian Persecution in Turkey, read about the life of those like Cigdem and Sara: “Within the home, converts to Christianity in particular face strong opposition for their conversion from their families, as they’re seen as traitors to both Islam and the national Turkish identity.” Now that I’ve set the stage, I believe you’ll be able to more fully appreciate today’s praise o/

It all took place early one morning in Istanbul, as Sara and I exited the local train and sat near the window of a cafe to sip some Turkish coffee while we waited for her friends to arrive. We’d planned a meeting in front of Hagia Sophia Mosque just down the street. Sara told me they were here, so I paid for the coffee, and then we stepped outside into the sunshine. Sara spotted them first, and I waved!

After greeting them, Sara’s friend said she’d translate for her husband who is Turkish. I’d been on the phone the other night with my mother going over the information we needed while taking notes on what to make sure to ask (which was one of the main reasons Sara and I had come to Istanbul).

On a public bench in front of the world, the Lord provided, a once Muslim now transformed follower of Christ, to introduce us to his friend who is a Christian publisher!! Once seated we explained that only half of the women’s Restore Your Marriage book was translated by Sara and proofread by our Turkish Minister Nehir (who doesn’t understand English). We’d been praying for Him to provide a native translator who could translate the full book!

Well, the publisher knew of a woman translator right here in Istanbul! He told me he could get in touch with her if I’d like? If I’d like?!?! YES, YES, YES!!! Opening his phone, he dialed and spoke with her!!!

What a surreal moment. Turning to Sara, I said, “I can’t believe this is happening nor this setting outside Hagia Sophia!” Sara’s friend seated next to me replied that she too had a moment before we arrived of how she’d visited Hagia Sophia (one of the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World) and the surrounding tourist spots with family several times before, but how this time it was “different.” Just a year later she was pregnant and no longer a tourist but a resident serving the Lord.

We proceeded to the publisher down an alleyway at the end of a nearby street, then up a spiral stairwell to a door that was opened for us. Entering last, soon I could smell, then see the books and got so excited!!! Asked to close the door behind me, we sat down, then I glanced at a tiny television that was being used as a surveillance monitor for safety! Could not believe this. Asked the Lord to pinch me a thousand times!!!

Here’s something that brought such joy to my heart that Sara shared with me after the meeting. When the publisher asked what the book was about and they explained, he immediately said, “Yes!!! We need this type of book. We have nothing like this.” Coming from this publisher made my eyes widen because I learned that this is a prestigious Turkish Publishing company where the distributors have stores in malls!!!

Though the inside will be identical to all of our RYM books, the cover will be changed slightly, with no mention of God, so it is safe for women/wives to read.

There are still many obstacles to overcome, but we’re confident that what He began HE will finish! And of course, we will post praise allowing you to join in on what He’s doing!!

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” John 14:6

As Sara and I talked about the collapse of Sara’s marriage, we agreed it’s clearly the Lord who predestinated All of this, for such a time as this. Sara meeting Nehir (who now is our Turkish Minister) and then meeting her friend and Turkish husband, who introduced us to a translator and a publisher— for such a time as this!!!

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place and you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not attained royalty (His Brides) for such a time as this? Esther 4:14

We’re taking the next step forward, Brides, to see how He leads!!! Can you imagine what this could mean?! My heart is pounding with excitement, how about you?!?!

~ Tara from the U.S.

As you’ve been reading, He’s LEAD Sara  & Tara along their own routes but their routes again merged when they met in Istanbul, but now they are heading off once again on their own, alone with their HH.

So, once again, be sure to FOLLOW His brides individually until they meet again back in Turkey to continue the LALTour together again!

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If you’re one of His brides too— consider meeting to fellowship with them along their Abundant Life Journey. Sara is on her way to Brazil, while Tara is touring Asia: the Philippines, Japan, Singapore—then onto Australia!!

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MINISTRY NOTE: Tara and Sara left Italy, after living in Sicily resting with their HH and doing ministry work—then departed from Rome—to continue on their LALTours alone with Him.

If you’ve just joined following the Encourager blog, it began when Tara met Sara and began traveling, with their first country Athens, Greece!! (Acts 17:16) then flew up to Dublin, Ireland and then traveled north by train to Belfast, Ireland. Belfast is where Erin’s grandfather was born and immigrated from.

After Ireland, they crossed the Irish Sea by ferry and made a short stop in Glasgow before heading to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Then Sara   Tara took the train down to London, England where are meeting at least 3 brides who’ve contacted us! One is Adele whose RMT you read last Saturday “Was I Sincere in the Apologies I Made to Him?” They are so excited to finally meet her!

Their first stop on the European continent was PARIS—where they hadn’t even planned to go! Yet He lovingly orchestrated a meeting with two brides in Paris, France and also another bride (and former minister) after traveling through Vienna, Austria. Saturday they were so excited to meet and spend time with Aimée in Slovakia!!

Our brides went onto Venice, Italy then stopped in Florence and Pisa before heading to ROME. For the next six weeks, they rested physically but worked in Sicily.

If there is ONE principle we repeat and follow it’s He LEADS ME

Psalm 23: 1-3—
“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; He LEADS ME beside quiet waters. He restores my soul.”