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♕ Today's Promise: “Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak comfortably unto her." Hosea 2:14

~ Ruby in California

☊ PRAISE Audio

Dear Brides, I AM IN LOVE!!!

I thought I was in love before with My HH (Heavenly Husband) but I’m So Very In Love now!! Even more so than before. This love is not like any other love. Even when your in love with an earthly man, you fall in love, get married and live as newly weds for a time and the your relationship grows into a mature comfortable relationship as husband and wife or even as parents together. The love and the relationship grows to different stages but it also at times feels like it can grow into a routine or to a stand still. It can increase, stay the same and even decrease. It falls short and is lacking in something always. Because it is love between humans, an earthly love.

But this, ladies, is something totally different. Its from out of this world. It’s a thousand multiplied by a thousand times more better than that. More than we can ever imagine possible. When you fall in love with your True Love, The Lover of you soul, your First Love, you will experience a love that only grows more intense, more intimate, beyond your wildest dreams. It is never lacking only increasing—Never Decreasing.

Recently, our love has increased. I feel so in love and the thing is that My Love felt this way, and even more, for me all along. He has increased my love for Him and removed all other things like I’ve asked Him to. It is Him that brings me closer to Him. He allures me into the wilderness and speaks kindly to me.

My Loving Husband, You are My Prize. You are My Treasure. No one can take me away from You. Thank You for holding me in Your loving arms all night. I am addicted to You and Your Love. I can’t get enough of You. I am lovesick!

After my 7 day fast My Love gave me a new love song. 💖


🎶 I'm taken in, my hopes begin to rise.
Look at me, can't you tell
I'd be so thrilled to see the message in your eyes.
You make it seem I'm so close to my dream,
And then suddenly it's all there.

Suddenly the wheels are in motion,
And I, I'm ready to sail any ocean.
Suddenly I don't need the answers,
'Cause I, I'm ready to take all my chances with you.

How can I feel you're all that matters.
I'd rely on anything you say.
I'll take care that no illusions shatter.
If you dare to say what you should say.
You make it seem I'm so close to my dream.
And then suddenly it's all there.

Suddenly the wheels are in motion,
And I, I'm ready to sail any ocean.
Suddenly I don't need the answers,
Cause I, I'm ready to take all my chances with you.

Why do I feel so alive when you're near?
There's no way any hurt can get through.
Longing to spend every moment of the day with you, with you. 🎶

These words touched my heart and I just felt like singing over and over to My Love and I felt so intensely in love with Him.

“Suddenly”, I feel like the “wheels are in motion”. Things are moving, I am moved closer to You My Love.

“I am ready to sail ANY ocean” with You. I suddenly feel like “I don’t need the answers” anymore. I am blindly letting You lead me wherever You may take me, as long as I’m with You that’s all that matters to me. I just want to be with You. “I’m ready to take ALL my chances WITH YOU”! “I feel so alive when You’re near, there's no way any hurt can get through”! “I long to spend every moment of the day with You”! I feel that We are on our honeymoon and I want to be in love with You like this forever and ever!

"My beloved is mine and I am his;" Song of Solomon 2:16

“Therefore, behold, I will allure her, Bring her into the wilderness And speak kindly to her." Hosea 2:14

"I will betroth you to me forever; I will betroth you in righteousness and justice, in love and compassion." Hosea 2:19

"O God of my life, I’m lovesick for you in this weary wilderness. I thirst with the deepest longings to love you more, with cravings in my heart that can’t be described. Such yearning grips my soul for you, my God! I’m energized every time I enter your heavenly sanctuary to seek more of your power and drink in more of your glory. For your tender mercies mean more to me than life itself. How I love and praise you, God! Daily I will worship you passionately and with all my heart. My arms will wave to you like banners of praise." Psalms 63:1-4

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