Fulfill the Longings of Our Heart !!

Dear friend, this beautiful Salvation stories Course, Week 6 Anger Gone is so full of faith! and it shows the power so great that our beloved HH has to give us and to fulfill the longings of our heart !!

I have many people in my family who have anger problems, my sister-in-law is one of them, and reading this chapter fills me with hope because my HH confirms that he will fulfill that beautiful promise of transforming her life and of all my relatives ! … This week my Beloved has shown me a tremendous work that he is doing with one of my sisters, and that is another sign that the power of my beautiful HH is indescribable and amazing.

I think in my sister -in -law ( my brother´s wife), I shared about them in my previous form, my brother is an alcoholic and a drug addict, and my sister-in-law is also alcoholic, and she has anger problems. I know her many years and I know she has many wounds to heal, I also know that those wounds have been traumas for her, that’s why it seems so hard to believe that GOD can change her … but when I read this chapter, my heart jumped for joy knowing that my beloved HH will also catch with His love ties, my sister-in-law.

Every principle that I learn in the word of my beloved, I practice it and I share it with other people, women, and men, and I always try to apply above all to have faith, which is difficult to have when there are adverse circumstances. but my Beloved HH gives me the strength to encourage others even when I am on bad days.

My beautiful Prince of Peace! thank you for this special day where I can spend time with you !! Thank you for being my company on this beautiful birthday! I could not let this day pass without writing! and it’s the first thing I thought about since I woke up! Thanks for so much love for me, for your wonderful time for me, and for telling me so beautifully and fulfilling your beautiful promises !! No more beautiful gift than opening my eyes and feeling that you are with me, there is no more wonderful gift to see your beautiful miracles in the life of my family. There is nothing more beautiful than knowing that I am serving and honoring you with my time and my dedication to doing what you ask of me !! for me it is the best thing that ever happened to me! I would not change it for anything! I am so happy since I met you, you changed my lament into dance, and my tears into joy, with that beautiful love that erases everything and fixes everything, you fixed me, my family, my life and you have allowed me to live close to you in a way that I can not stop thinking about you!

I need you close all the time, you are oxygen for my lungs, you are blood for my veins, I thank you, my Beloved, because you never abandon me, and you always take care of me and give me more than what I ask … I love spending time with you, listen to your beautiful words and I love talking about you, I tell everyone about you about how you love me and how I do things in the things I ask of you! Thank you, my love, you are my beginning and my end! You are my Everything!! Thanks for giving me this song !! … that describe what I want to write to you in this form =)

This is the moment that I have wished so much I run to your encounter, I am lost in your arms, Jesus! Essential you are to me! I want to spend time with you that nothing distracts me from your eyes, that no one stops me from touching you and from listening to your sweet voice … I stay here singing to you, stuck to you loving you !! Precious Jesus! You are mine and I am yours, and so I want to stay here forever! thanks a lot!….

Mark 10:27— Looking at them, Jesus said, “With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.”

This is my verse today, and I receive it and treasure it with all my heart.

~ Ziva in Peru
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