Full Joy That Is Beyond Understanding

♕ Today's Promise: "Then Jesus said to her, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” Matthew 15:28

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Hello dear brides, This morning I received an email from the Electric company. It was saying that on December 21st, 425 euros would be withdrawn from our bank account, which is due to the fact that our electric monthly payment was too low in comparison with our electric current consumption. So the company had to adjust the payment according to our consumption since it is the end of the year. The old me would have called them, scolded them (not to have increased our monthly payment) and then asked them to organise that we pay this bill in 3 or 4 payments. Being again and again in debt !

The new me started praising the Lord. I have this full joy that is beyond understanding. I said « Sweety, you know what, this is not going to bring my joy down. I am not going to pull my hair out over this. Here it is ! I can’t wait to see how you are going to handle it ». I was first so thankful to the Lord to have led me to read this email. I used to have no financial problem, thus I used to not read such emails 🙂 I was thankful that I could just go and leave it to HIM, because HE is my source ! You could have cut the joy that I have in me with a knife !

Then, my Heavenly Man put in my thought that yesterday my husband asked me to call a social service that handles Family and lodging matters, to have the information he needed. As I logged into our personal account on their website, I saw that I had one unread email sent on November the 2nd. (Told you, I never read this kind of mails, I always deleted them). The email was saying that since our baby girl will start school soon because she will be 3 (September 2021), we are entitled to get every month starting in January 800 euros !!!! I am like, « wait what ???? » . So I called, and I asked what it was about, and the lady explained, but I did not get it. It does not make sense. Yet she said that we are entitled to that until September 2021. PRAISE THE LORD. It is crazy how LETTING GO of everything in EVERY area is good.

I am still into the Finding the Abundant life book, and I cannot begin to tell you how much it is good. Please dear brides, I am nothing to advise you anything, but please do not miss out on this book. I don’t seek the Lord for money. This morning I was praising Him because He helped me get rid of a nasty stain on my bathroom. I was praising Him the same when I’ve got this financial blessing news. Ohhhhhh, HE IS GOOD. The Lord is all I need, and all I Want. Love you dear brides.

~ Petra in France
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