Get Rid of All Hard Feelings

Last night I attended a Christmas Carol Service at one of the local churches in our area and had the privilege to speak to a very broken woman before the service started. She is going through a divorce, and I had never witnessed so much hatred towards another human being as what she displayed and vocalised towards her husband. This young lady has no intentions of restoring her marriage and there is so much bitterness involved. The irony is there was no infidelity on either side as most of us are used to.

I was telling her about my own personal walk as she was asking me how long I have been divorced and I said 15 years and she was asking me about dating etc. I told her that I was believing in the restoration of my marriage and that even if that does not happen that I have no intentions of letting another man into my life. I explained that I have Jesus in my life and that He is enough!

I am just thankful that I was able to share with her all the mistakes I had made and the awful lifestyle I had led because I did not know Him as my Lord and Saviour. How I was running to everything like alcohol, drugs, and men to fulfill something only He could. I also explained that I had run into the arms of another man thinking he could give me something that I thought my husband couldn’t, only to realise that my husband did not have it to give me, only Jesus has everything you need.

I explained to her that she needed to reach out to Him during this time and NOT date sites and the likes of it. There is also a little 3-year-old boy involved and I am praying earnestly that the Lord will begin a work in her. Her husband is trying to reconcile so I am going to forward the address of the Ministry to Him.

Ephesians 4:31 NIRV

“Get rid of all hard feelings, anger, and rage. Stop all fighting and lying. Don’t have anything to do with any kind of hatred.”

When we live our lives far from the Lord it is easy to harbour hard feelings, anger and rage because our source of love is far away from us. Jesus is love He is our source of love. There will be times that people will do things that will want us to harden our hearts, but if we have the love of God within us, we are better equipped to deal with the situation in a loving way.

~ Mercy in South Africa